Beasts of the Southern Wild

Adding to the list of movies that I want to see but that may not play in Raleigh is Beasts of the Southern Wild. (trailer link)

Fingers crossed that this opens here, though it may not if they make a grocery store out of the Galaxy Cinema, per current discussions.

Wow – That looks fantastic. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled at the local art-house theatre.

Glowing review from the New York Times.

Just saw this in Manhattan. I agree with some parts of A.O. Scott’s review.

My wife and I went to see this last night. I’d never heard of the movie, she’d heard about on NPR, and I think I was the better off. I mostly liked it, although I find it a lot less of a feel-good movie than Scott seems to have done. (In fact, I disagree with most of Scott’s review). My wife hated it, partly because she was expecting something very different.

I think the movie is worth seeing if for no other reason than it feels very fresh. But I also feel pretty ambivalent about most of the characters, and I felt like the movie somewhat romanticizes the father’s “tough love,” even when it seems much more “tough” than “love.”