Anyone watching?

In an nutshell, formers asylum gets turned into an apartment complex. Naturally, that means lots of ghosties. Luckily, the hot land lady has a hot cousin who sees ghosts and can help dispel them. Naturally, they have two hot friends to round out the Scoobies.

Pretty fun so far, though I’m only two eps in. Gets the spooky down pretty well and the writing’s passing fair–the stories are decent, though the characters are a little cookie-cutter. Worth a watch if you’re looking for something in the Supernatural vein.

I checked out the first three episodes last night, and they do a pretty good job of bringing the creepy, but I just can’t buy into the premise that someone would think building condos inside the most infamous insane asylum in history would ever be a sound business investment. What, were all the Indian Burial Grounds already in use?

The premise is a little shaky, but I’m willing to see past it. When you think about it, a lot of ghost stories have pretty hokey foundations (“Spend a night in this creepy mansion for a science experiment!”).

My main beef with the show is that the characterization is way heavy-handed. Every character fits an archetype with capital letters. The Mysterious Gravelly Hero. The Greedy Douche uncle. The Crushing Puppydog Friendgirl. The Could-Be-Gay Nonthreatening Male Secondary. The only character I can’t get a bead on is Kate, and that’s because she’s all over the place.

To be fair, though, that’s my only complaint. It does atmosphere well, there are some twists and turns here and there, and the specific Ghost Stories of the Week have been good so far. Plus, it’s only three episodes in. Supernatural took an entire 22-episode season to really find its feet.

From the Wiki: “The series is set in a block of flats and a gym that has been converted from a mental asylum. This is remarkably similar to Fairfield Hall, Stotfold near Letchworth in the UK which was converted from a psychiatric hospital to flats and a gym called GL-14 in 2003.”

Guess it has some basis.


Note to self: If you move to the UK, do a lot of research into the history of any potential apartment complexes.

Letting perfectly functional houses stand empty is downright immoral!


There used to be an old, abandoned tuberculosis hospital here in MD we used to crawl through and trespass on. They knocked it down and built houses. I wouldn’t live there. Creepy as hell.


There have been some hints that there is in fact is a hidden reason that creepy douche uncle bought the place. The place being in the family for 400 years. The showing of that lobotomy movie to Kate with his enthusiastic speech. The missing girls in the 80s and the resuming of that starting with redhaired extra.

For the rest I like it so far, even though it as said it’s really REALLY stereotypical. Four episodes in all the main characters have already slept with someone except ambiguous gay guy who can’t because he’s ambiguous gay guy. Then again I could have realized this from seeing the shots during the intro tunes which is half spooky stuff and half people making out.

No, I get that, I just kinda hoped Creepy Uncle would be a little less obvious. Given that Kate seems to have some behavioral disorders herself would seem to indicate it’s a linage thing that I’m assuming they’ll address in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, outside of the “Hey, how’d you like to buy a condo in the place that’s been home to countless psychopathic murderers, not to mention the site of dozens of poorly-explained deaths, the corpses of which are buried right outside?”, I generally do like the show. Heck, Kate just locking up in the first episode was creepier than several seasons of the X-Files combined.

Yeah, there is a lot of sexy sex in the intro. I’m starting to get a little bit of a “Torchwood with ghosts” vibe from the show, except that I don’t find it insufferable.