Behold! The new improved MS Paint!

How will MS make money off this? Subscription fee? Microtransactions?

Integration with Minecraft Win10 Edition with a paid ‘Export to Minecraft’ button?

Clause hidden in the TOS granting them rights to anything created with the product, which they will then charge you for having created?

God damn you guys are cynical aren’t you?

How about “Wow this is a really cool app, maybe it’s a free app entirely meant to help sell Windows 10 and pen / touch support”

There must be wailing and gnashing of teeth over at Something Awful.

It is really cool looking.

Looks like I’ll have to dust off my Wacom.

Is that available now? I use Paint all the time but have not seen the update in Win10.

Will “vintage MS Paint” become an art style ten years from now, like pixel art is today?