Being Hugh Hefner

Anyone else see a pattern? No, wait…

Woo hoo! Found the Viagra powerup!

Actually, this could very well just be another PacMan clone. Substitute plastic blondes for the ghosts and viagra pills for the corner power pills and it all makes perfect sense.

Did you guys see the MTV cribs on the Playboy mansion? Evidently Hef is recently divorced and has 7 or so blonde “girlfriends” all living in the mansion.


What’s so creepy about a harem? It’s a given that Hefner long ago abandoned the traditional lifestyle.

The Cap’n doesn’t like girls… They scare him.

Aw, I mean Wumpus. Shucks.

An interesting fact about Hugh Hefner and his pipe smoking that does not tie into various homo-phallic insecurity issues: apparently, Heff is a chronic nose picker, and the pipe was initially suggested by Playboy PR to keep him from fisting his nasal cavity and clawing out huge chunks of snotty brain matter during photo shoots.

I myself, however, smoke a pipe for the aforementioned slew of homo-phallic insecurity issues.

I thought it was cause you’re obviously a supervillain, Doctor Crypt.

Why am I not surprised the founder of the largest porno mag in the world has trouble controling his hands?


…with publishers Arush Entertainment and Groove Games and development house Cyberlore.

Yep, the makers of Majesty, Mech4:BK, Mech4:Mercs, and the upcoming Majesty 2 are developing this.

“It looks like a lucrative area we’re getting into,” said Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy. “It’s a logical step. One might suggest it’s overdue. The video game industry is huge right now and [the games are played] by a lot of people who read Playboy.”

Look, Hef calls them video games.

“What they did [with ‘BMX XXX’] was horrendous,” said Joe Minton, CEO of Cyberlore. “Nudity can be done very classy, very respectful and done for mature audiences.”

Take that, BMX pr0n game! Duke Nukem, eat your heart out.

And, of course, this title has a much different focus than “The Sims” – something Minton is quick to point out. “We’re not mimicking mundane life here,” he said. “There’s no vacuuming. There’s no changing babies.”

Only good, clean Playboy fun.

Full article.

Cyberlore’s Press Release.

Hef was given the pipe because he’s fidgety. On some TV show he hosted in the 50s/60s he’d constantly be messing scenes up with his hand motions, the pipe gave him something to do.