Being Human - Series 3

It started on BBC in the UK last night and is still available on i-Player for those who can get it. The foursome have moved to Wales, but Annie thinks she preferred Purgatory.

Clips and related stiff:-

I’m hoping for a “Gavin and Stacey” crossover.

Liked the first episode.

Just caught episode 7 today, and Annie has gone from being a near useless character to single-handedly messing everyone’s life over.


The last couple of episodes have been riveting. Love how they’ve turned things this year.

Just caught up with the final episode, so spoilers ensue.

It looks like they’re setting up another series, minus Mitchell, with George, Nina and Annue vs the super vampire.

I did enjoy this series even if the last episode overdid the angst at times. I;m not sure it can survive the loss of Mitchell though.

Mitchell’s probably bust shooting the Hobbit films, yeah?

Oh fuck, awesome twist ending. Goodbye, Mitchell. You were a great character.

Just got caught up on this. Really liked the way Herricks dialogue switched to a more archaic form while he was an amnesiac. Pity to see that character and actor go away as I really liked how he was at turns creepy and mundane.

Yeah. It was a really nice touch that the last thing he does is turn to Mitchell, and just as he starts to go all ashy he gets in one tiny little smirk. Totally fitting death for the character.