Belle & Sebastian

I’m sitting here with Winamp “shuffling” all of my music, and I was just wondering what the FUCK happened to Belle & Sebastian. Seriously.

I like the new one a lot. I couldn’t understand Dear Catastrophe Waitress–but I’m actually liking that one more now in light of this one.

Seeing 'em live in March for the first time, and can’t wait!

I hate to be all “that guy” about it, but to my ears they haven’t made anything listenable since 1998. There were 2 or 3 decent songs on Arab Strap, most of their 3…6…9, Lazy Line Painter Jane, Dog On Wheels, and… the other one? Anyway, those were almost entirely excellent. I like 2 songs on the Modern Rock song ep. After that, they -completely- lost me.

What they’ve been doing since just isn’t my thing. The title track on Sinister is the perfect image of everything I think Belle & Sebastian should be.

I hate pretty much all of Belle & Sebastian - except for one song, “Your Cover’s Blown” off the Books EP. That is my most played song ever, I love it so.

I lurv the old, original uber-fey Belle & Sebastian stuff, being uber-fey myself. And while I was originally turned off by the last CD, I’ve just decided to stop resisting. Bands need to evolve, like everything else, or they die. If they were putting out “If You’re Feeling Sinister” over and over, who would care? Oh, except they DID recently release a live concert performance of that entire CD on iTunes–and it is amazing. So I guess I’m wrong. :)

Isobell Cambell has a new CD out… its really decent - My Old Kentucky Blog

Hmm, thanks for the tip. I’m interested in anything Mark Lanegan has a hand in.

Belle married Beast and Sebastian sang happy little crab songs under the sea.

Stuart Murdoch started letting other people write.