Bernie Wrightson, gone at 68

I don’t keep up much with comics anymore but growing up Wrightson was just a legend, especially in horror comics. He co-created Swamp Thing and worked on an amazing adaptation of Frankenstein in the 80s. Also, that animated piece from Heavy Metal with the bomber crew dead reanimating was his work. It’s reported that he has died after a long struggle with brain cancer. Another one gone before his time.

Bernie Wrightson was such a gifted illustrator. A Creepy & Eerie mag stalwart. He had his own self-titled line for a while Master of the Macabre. I might still have one or two of those issues in a longbox in my parent’s basement. The passing of a comics legend.

I remember waay back being at the drugstore looking at the spinner rack. One comic tempted me - it was about some character I never heard of, but the cover was so compelling I had to pick it up, and the art inside blew me away. That was Swamp Thing #1. RIP Bernie!

Neil Gaiman posted this on his Twitter:

Wrightson is second from the right.

And looks like Neil himself second from the left though I must confess I don’t recognize the other gentlemen.

I should have posted it. Frank MIller, Neil Gaiman, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bernie Wrightson and Dave Stevens.

Huh, so that’s what Bill Sienkiewicz looks like. Or looked like I should say, since that photo seems to be a good 20, 30 years old. And man, the years have not been kind to Frank Miller. In more than one way.

That pic was from 1991 I believe. This is what Bill Sienkiewicz looks like now:

Frank MIller looks less well, at least as of 2014 he did: