Best alternate texting app for the iPhone?

My wife and I text a lot, our adult kids and family are in other states, we have friends all over, and it is not uncommon for one of us to be texting each other and someone else at the same time and accidentally send someone else a text meant for our spouse. So far that hasn’t resulted in anything embarrassing or though it has come close. She sent my mother something about our finances accidentally that was meant for me, for example.

We have joked that we need to text each other in a separate app, but I think we probably should. Any suggestions?

If you’re going to switch go with Signal. It’s the best. Problem is getting people to switch in the first place.

This would only be used by my wife and myself for texting each other, we would use our normal iphone texting for everyone else.

Easy enough then, install Signal.

Definitely Signal.

We don’t message a ton, but we’ve accidentally sent something (innocuous) to a group thread instead of our 1-on-1 message thread.

Remember, face or genitals, never both in the same pic!

For us, it’s face and ass in the same photo. No exceptions.

You could create a Shortcut on your iPhone that initiates a new text message to your wife and add the shortcut icon to your home screen. Just use that shortcut when you want to text your wife. That way you won’t have to juggle two apps.

Some people don’t have that luxury!


Just arch your back, baby.

A few years ago I discovered that on the iPhone you can draw doodles with your finger and then send the doodle as a text message. So of course my first doodle is a heart pierced by an arrow. I do one more doodle and then forget about doodles. Like a year later, I am on the road and, my manager texts me early in the morning, and I responded while in a taxi. I am talking to the driver and not paying attention to what I am doing with my phone and inadvertently send my manager the doodle of the heart pierced by an arrow. I didn’t even realize I sent it to him until he texted me back with a smiley face. I was horrified, of course, but I also felt lucky. Besides the pierced heart, my other go-to doodle is a cock and balls–which at the time were the only two doodles on my phone.

I don’t do doodles anymore, man. Doodles are some serious shit.

I exclusively doodle cock n’ balls myself. I go into my coworkers offices and surreptitiously cock n’ balls their whiteboards. I find it hilarious. Them, less so.

Not a bad idea, though that’s still going to require some vigilance to avoid mixups. When a text comes in from his wife, Jeff isn’t going to be able to simply tap on that banner notification and respond without double-checking his response. What if his wife was just the most recent responder to a group message, but that’s not clear from context and Jeff thinks she’s just talking to him? I’ve actually made that mistake with friends in various contexts, though never with catastrophic or hilarious results.

If Jeff really wants a fool-proof way to know immediately if his conversation is one-on-one with his wife, a separate dedicated messaging app does still have some advantages.

I should re-watch the first season of American Vandal. So good.

Those are good points. I still think managing two apps, with two different UI’s and feature sets, is more complicated than simply glancing at the top of your screen for a couple of seconds at the recipient list.

For what it’s worth I agree. But knowing my own tendencies, if I did decide to address this concern with software/technology, I’d feel more comfortable with the more “drastic” approach.

haha, that’s the spirit!

OH, wait. Is drawing cocks and balls on a whiteboard from a show? I didn’t realize. I may have to check it out.

I’m pretty sure I was the first person in the world to do it.

But seriously. not that I know about.

American Vandal S1 is brilliant.