Best Boardgame of 2018


Ok, I’ll start the game. I’m Kolbex, just like here. @Navaronegun you expressed some interest in this before, do you want in on this game?


Yeah, but I need a couple days to refamiliarize myself with the rules and familiarize myself with yucata. I will be navaronegun on yucata.


If you do it again, I’d be down too.


I mean, the game seats 6, and with you and Naveronegun that would just be 5. We can set the turn timer to whatever. I’ll probably take my turns pretty quickly, but I don’t mind at all if people are slow for whatever reasons.


OK, I’m MatthiasW at Yucata. I’ll have to review the rules too; I’ve never played before but have watched a couple of playthroughs.


Continued apologies for diverting this thread from its intended use, but it’s so much easier just to ask here: I’d like to play a faster game of Pax (like 3-4 moves a day) to learn it. I think this 5p game is going to be slow, which is fine, but a bad way for me to learn the game,

Anyone interested?


I’d be up for this–a fast beginner’s game, but it’s probably gonna be hard for me to keep the speed up this weekend, as I’ll be busy.


I’ll make a PM thread.


I’ve enjoyed a couple of the White Dog Games and was not going to buy ANY more games this year so I could catch up on the back log but just ordered The White Tribe…thanks forum.


Holy shit, I forgot Twilight Imperium 4. It is very good.


EoV 2
It’s not a 4x. It’s more pick up deliver and hand management with elements of area control. I think it’s a good game but not a great one. I got hammered playing this and I didn’t feel like there was anyway to get back in the game, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

I had really back luck with rolls and there wasn’t a way to mitigate it with tech upgrades. So it’s luck of the cards you have and luck of the dice you roll. Now I know the same could be said about TI4 and I have lost many o games of that, but I’ve never felt shut out like I did in this. It was just painful and frustrating. I’d give it another go. It’s not a bad game, but at 2 1/2 -3 hours long I’d rather play 3 player game of TI4 or Eclipse in the same time.

What I liked:
Event cards, Alien powers, puerto rico style of following actions played.

What I didn’t like:
You don’t kill troops.
If you lose a battle, oh well just go back to boardwalk and try again. To me this absolutely kills the game. Let’s say I attack a planet you are at. You’re better equipped but I need the planet. I win the battle. So what happens? I get a point for winning. You withdraw get a card which is either the same card you just played or if you want you can redraw for a chance at a better card and then on your turn if you follow my action you can just come back and take the planet and score a point.

Game Timer.
Action cards are a core mechanic of the game and the clock. You are constantly using cards for missions for battles and upgrades. One civ upgrade allows you to draw and hold more cards. Which just ends up speeding up the clock and ending the game even faster. So if you’re doing better than everyone else, just do that and end the game.

Tech upgrades are fine, but there wasn’t any real tech tree or build up or towards in terms of tech.


Welp, it kinda makes no sense to tally these votes because there were so many different titles mentioned, but whaddaheck, let’s count 'em up anyway.

  1. Skies Above the Reich (GMT): 18 pts.
  2. Rhodesia: The White Tribe (White Dog Games): 13 pts.
  3. Keyforge (Fantasy Flight): 12 pts.
  4. Everdell (10)
  5. Nemesis (Legion Wargames): 7 pts.

This is in no way representative of what the Qt3 community is playing, but given the sample posting here, I’m not surprised.

I gotta check out this “Keyforge.”


Again, 2017!


You will not be disappointed, I don’t think. Qt3 #2 boardgame of 2018 :)


Haha, it feels like yesterday.


I think Everdell should have 10 pts? Kadath and I both had it #1.


WHOA my bad. Fixed!

EDIT: I see what happened- without numbers, I assumed there was no particular order unless it was clarified like @Juan_Raigada did.


You did datch my edit moving White Tribe into #1, right?


I didn’t datch that it had been otherwise.


Sorry @Syzygy I totally missed this. My answer is that Root feels to me like a bunch of mechanics that are interacting without any basis for them. In other words, kind of like an exercise. I am going to play it more, though, so that may change. I may have to dress up in a cat outfit to get the proper atmosphere.