Best Buy has Wii in stock online 10/30 11 am CST

So, it is gonna be hard to find a Wii this christmas season.

I saw this on, and FYI if you have been looking for a Wii, look no further

I know people are having a hard time finding them

Really? Still? I see stacks of them at every local store (GameStop, Target, etc.).

Yeah, it was easy to get my Wii. I just calmed down, waited a few months after launch, then the next time I was going by a store I walked in and they had one.

Yes, really. On Sunday morning, there’s still a line of mothers and grandmothers and wives in front of my local Circuit City, Best Buy and Toys R US, waiting for their chance to either buy a Wii, or Wii Fit, or Mario Kart Wii. That last one really surprised me a few weeks ago, I was there a couple of weeks ago, waiting to buy the Wii points card, and I always strike up a conversation and ask everyone what they’re going to buy, and I always expect them to say Wii or Wii Fit, but I had no idea that Mario Kart Wii was still not fully available everywhere until recently.

Really, sometimes those conversations are uplifting for me as a gamer, because I see all these old people and mothers who are really enjoying gaming for the first time. But at the same time, I find them depressing when they start talking about how they’re going to get some Princess Barbie game or something for their grand-daughter for Christmas (on the Wii, of course). I try to tell them: I don’t know if she really wants that Princess Barbie game. Maybe you should get her Super Mario Galaxy, it’s really fun. But no, she’s a girl, she’ll like the barbie game. Sigh.

EDIT: Btw, the Best Buy link in the OP has sold out.

already sold out as of 1 pm CST

(Easy to find eh?)

Apparently it is if you live in Seattle. Seriously, there are stacks of the things at most of the stores. I guess I’m not too surprised that they’re hard to find online, since everyone can setup reminders and such and grab them quicker than they can going around to stores.

That also says it was sold out online; does that mean Best Buy is sold out at every single store? Isn’t that what Circuit City’s ads talk about, that Best Buy has separate online and in-store inventories and prices?

I saw a stack of Wii at the Best Buy when I picked up Fallout 3 on Tuesday.

I wonder if that’s an artifact of Nintendo’s corporate presence in the area? I know that, at least in my neck of the woods, that it’s still been relatively difficult to find a Wii and other things like Wii Fit.

You guys who keep talking about seeing stacks of Wiis should probably grab a few and sell them on eBay, cos they’re going for $350-$400 there.

Last year I made a ton of extra Christmas money hitting Target and Gamestop every other day. Of course, I was unemployed then, so I had the time to do that. This year it’s much less likely, but I may still do it.

I don’t see any in my local bestbuy/target etc. but I’m not looking very often.

Seriously? They sell well on eBay? What the hell, people.

EDIT: Are you sure they’re selling well? Maybe some ass-clowns posted them for high prices that will never be bid on.

EDIT2: Well, pretty high prices, but given the bundles and power-seller status of the sellers, I don’t think I’d make any sort of profit if I bought a few and sold them.

According to the banner ad at the top of this page right now, you can purchase a Wii for $15 at

Yea, at my local Target I rarely see a Wii or Mario Kart Wii. Costco seems to have a decent stock of Mario Kart though for when I do pick it up (I’m lagging here)