Best games with production chains?

Finally, some payback for all of those Apple exclusives! :)

Not sure if this counts but I’m really enjoying how the production chains work in Food Chain Magnate. I’ve been playing a lot of this online over the past few weeks (usually losing, but in a fun way)

Can you link? All I’m finding is boardgames.

Ah, it is a board game but the online implementation on is pretty high quality so I’ve been playing that.

OK thanks!

Kalypso Media publish a bunch of slightly older games (one of which is getting a sequel next year):

  • Rise of Venice
  • Patrician
  • Port Royale (Port Royale 4 coming next year)

These can get quite heavy into the micro, and have a business/trading focus on the front-end, but there’s also a large part of it dedicated to managing and building up production chains for things to trade.

So I got this and it certainly has “just one more tweak” (of Factorio fame) going on. But now I’ve dug down three levels and haven’t found any tin ore. Am I missing something?

Tin ore?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

I would have bought this game if it was on iOS already. Thinking about steam but I rarely use my iPad for games.

My impression is that you have to dig down fairly deep. I’ve only gotten down one level and I think I’m gonna be spending a bunch of time basically deleting most of my level 0 setup and reconfiguring to manufacture steel.

Yeah, boardgamecore doesn’t look like much, but it handles the game nicely. We played a Qt3 game a while back. Always happy to play some more with people who want a nice slowish relatively friendly game.

… I don’t get it?

Turns out it was on level four!

Yeah, my level 0 is a huge spaghetti mess. Really tempted to start over, but I just found tin, so…

Yeah - I’d be up for a Qt3 game as well if anyone else is interested

Maybe this will help:

Hahaha ok. I hadn’t had any caffeine yet, ok?

And to be fair I at least got your joke in the Star Traders thread, so I’m batting 500.

My whole life is a joke.

Nice! I had to dig down to level -5 :P

I thought about scrapping everything, but then just tried to add efficiency to existing productions chains: more ingot molds more coal pits, etc. Starting doing mass production of single items used for builds on lower levels, etc. My level 0 is a giant, glorious, tangled mess:) I am really enjoying this game.

omg, I just got electricity. The whole game changes. I need to build some serious storage and transport infrastructure.

Also, can I just mention how annoying it is that the lifters switch directions on the other level? You can’t preview that and it took several very frustrating iterations to figure it out.

I haven’t hit electricity–just about to start researching it. I thought it was a huge improvement once I got digging to be pretty much automated. I basically put a whole floor on producing one good, which really dramatically simplifies things, and allows me to ignore the spaghetti mess on the top floor. (There’s really no equivalent to this kind of physical and mental compartmentalization in Factorio, I think.)

Is there some way to get rid of waste products? I’m just stuffing them into those 5,000-size warehouses. Can I dump them in a pristine lake somewhere?

Not as far as I’ve seen. You can delete the warehouses, but the game actually recovers some fraction of what was in there. Waste management seems to be one of the central puzzles of the game. I try to use flow control to deal with them. It also helps to know that barrels act as actual storage containers that you can draw from to build stuff. You can use them as conveyor “capacitors” and as a way to store waste.