Best PC games for 30 minute sessions

You can divide all rewards/purchases into 2 categories:

  • Heroes
  • Cosmetics

The latter have no effect on gameplay. The former, “Heroes,” are the characters you can play. Every week there is a different set of heroes that are free for anyone to play. To actually own a hero you either have to purchase it with real money, in-game money that you earn by playing, or by finding one in the loot chests you are awarded sporadically. I have all the heroes, most of which I did not pay for. I personally think it’s a bit grindy to get them all, and it would be quite expensive to buy them all. The game is updated with a new hero and balance/patch every 3 to 4 weeks.

Right now there is a promotion that will give you just under 1/3 of all heroes in the game for free, but I’m pretty sure you have to create an account soon to get that (it may even end tomorrow? I’m not sure- some promotional thingy ends tomorrow). After creating and account and playing the tutorial, you’ll be given the funds to buy one of 4 character packs. If you’ve never played a MOBA and aren’t familiar with or partial to any particular roles, the “Flex” pack has a wide variety of heroes.

Play right now. Even if you end up not caring for the game, they are giving away so much stuff that it is hard to recommend not taking advantage of it while you can.

Beware that the flex pack has some very high skill cap characters - moreso than the other packs apparently. I ended up going for the support pack (even though it is mostly warriors), because I’m soooo bad at these games that ‘high skill cap’ is a death knell. I might have a prayer of becoming a boon rather than a bane as a healer.

Yeah, I downloaded it and played through some of the tutorials. Support was where I am intending to go with the pack as I tend to enjoy that more in team-based games.

I’ve not played any other MOBAs, is skill cap a technical term or does it just mean player ability?

Also, for anybody else evaluating, the deal appears to be valid through 5/22.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings. You can play a nine inning game in 20-30 minutes easy. So one game a night progresses you through a short, medium or long season ending in playoffs.

Gonna throw my 2 cents in for Monster Slayers as well.

Did anyone say FTL?

I also thought Tales of Maj’Eyal was great in quick bursts.

I get most of my PC gaming time early in the morning before my wife gets up, so I also only get about a half hour to an hour if I’m lucky.

Lately I’ve been enjoying Offworld Trading Company.

One Finger Death Punch?

I am finding The Long Dark fills my 30 minute game time. I play a day or two (game time) and am stressed out enough I want to move on but the next day I want to see what happens.

I just started replaying One Finger Death Punch a couple days ago. Simply amazing fun.

Spelunky. If you do really well it’ll take 30 minutes. If you don’t, you can play multiple times!

I still think this is the best approach for people short on time due to life factors. You want a game where you want to stop, not one that theoretically fits into 30 minutes but you end up addicted, like a multiplayer game. Unless you have ironclad willpower, which I don’t.

Good luck, I guess!

This sparked a minor epiphany for me.

Just discovered 10000000, and it is indeed as addictive as they say. Ideal for playing in small doses, as you’re always making progress no matter what.

Have on my phone, can confirm it is a good choice.

I swear RPS reads my posts and then writes the exact opposite of what I say. They try to argue for Rocket League and Overwatch because you never need to get good at them and it’s easy to drop in and out. I still think Rocket League is somewhat dangerous. The matches are so short and addictive that it’s hard to stop. On the other hand, lots of people quit during the game and get replaced by a bot so there’s no reason to feel bad if you get called away.

Funny timing. The suggestions in this thread are superior in my opinion.

While I don’t find most of the suggestions from Alec Meer interesting, 80 Days is a very nice one - although I’d never play it on a PC, so maybe it makes it irrelevant to the current topic!

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I would put Gremlins on this ‘short’ list but you really need an hour or so, depending on game setup, which will vary game length

outstanding game too

I don’t recommend Monster Slayers only because it’s so difficult to stop. It is a great game to play in 30 minute bursts but there’s really no downtime/end of turn scenario where you feel like you can stop.