Best PC games for 30 minute sessions

As the topic name suggests, I’m looking for some good PC games where you can make decent progress in a relatively short period of time. You know, to squeeze in some gaming between must-do life events (stupid real world). Thoughts?

Monster Slayers is worth checking out.

Although you can save anywhere, Monster Slayers can be so absorbing, you forget you were supposed to play 30 minutes only! Dangerous game.

I’d suggest Desktop Dungeons, one of the best short burst games ever made in my opinion. The early game (the first 6 locations you can visit, I’d say) offer pretty quick runs. The more demanding levels of the game asks for an hour per run though. I understand the game got a save file shared accross all media (PC/Mac/iOS) through their own server but I seem to remember the iOS version had issues being discussed - maybe fixed by now?

You can easily get a game of Offworld Trading Company done in 30 minutes, although there isn’t progress but your own to speak of (no metagame), and it may leave you exhausted!

I totally second Desktop Dungeons. It’s the best thing ever.

Depending on how you feel about board gaming or abstract games on the PC, you can make good progress in any of these. You can even play a game from start to finish in a lot of them in under half an hour.

Axes & Acres
Minos Strategos
Command & Colors::The Great War
Victory & Glory: Napoleon
1775 Rebellion
Age of Rivals
Missile Cards
Human Resource Machine
The Swapper
Afghanistan '11
Predynastic Egypt
Terra Mystica

These days I prefer games that can be played in under an hour, myself.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is my current favorite for playing in 30 minutes sessions (or less).

Another good one is Witcher 3. I played that 5-30 minutes most days when it came out, and sometimes a couple of hours on the weekends. It only takes a few months to finish that way.

Shadow Watch
Train Valley
Mini Metro
Pinball FX2

I am terrible at Afghanistan, but for a game to be this short, it has to crash!
(or probably, it was a free plug for someone’s little darling!)

World of Tanks and World of Warships.

OP asked for a game where you can make progress in half an hour, not necessarily finish. , You can probably get 5 or 6 turns in and get stuff accomplished.

But it is my little darling.

Path of Exile, Warframe. The latter even has solo mode which allows you to pause at any time you want.

Renowned Explorers: International Society would also fit.

This is also available in a humble bundle for another day.

I appreciate how beat 'em ups have levels that are usually under 30 minutes. It’s much easier to hop out of than some strategy game where I want to play one more turn.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Rocket League. Matches are 5 minutes long and match making is quick, so in 30 minutes you can get quite a variety of gameplay in.

Paladins is my go to for a quick, mindless fps session.

I have no opinion on Shadow Watch, but the other 3 are fantastic choices.

Similarly, Heroes of the Storm. Matches are typically 20-25 minutes.

Started playing Awesomenauts today, its fun , and most games last <15 minutes!

Second vote for Heroes of the Storm. Quite a few Qt3’ers play.

Thanks for the recommendations. I have played and would also recommend Monster Slayers and Missile Cards, for the benefit of others looking for ideas.

To what extent does Heroes of the Storm require money or grinding to be competitive?