Best PS2 adapter for the PC?

I see that there are numerous adapters available for using Playstation 2 gamepads on a PC. Any consensus that one is dramatically better?

One that requires no drivers on XP would be preferable.

PS2 gamepads on the PC? Denny, you’re edging over to the dark side! :)

The Mayflash Super Dual Box works fine on my XP system, without any drivers. Note that I haven’t tried their advertised force feedback support but the rest appears to work, including the analog/digital switch button and the stick buttons (analog mode only).

Can you point me to an outlet that speaks English?

As long as you’re not determined to get force feedback (aka rumble) mapped to DirectX in PC games-- in which case you should ditch the PS2 controller altogether and with the Xbox->USB controller and custom driver–

… any of the PS2 adapters should be fine. You might consider one of the “two in one” types where you hook up 2 sticks via one cable, for convenience reasons.

The other caveat would be dance mats, because you need the directions mapped to buttons in that case. Kinda hard to push UP and DOWN on the stick at the same time, if you catch my drift.

The PS2 to USB adapter I use I bought from Radio Shack. It works great for MAME, ePSXe, etc etc in win2K with no drivers required. Dunno if rumble functionality works though, as I turn it off in console games anyway.

No, I bought mine from a German web shop. Try googling, I’m sure there must be an American shop that sells those things.

The radio shack one works fine.

I have an ‘ems2usb’ , works fine, bought it off but they seem to be out now.

Req’s no drivers in XP, costs 15$, support two pads and rumble.

It is very nice and works fine IF you have 2 controllers plugged in. It freaks a bit when you leave one unplugged (in some games/emus) but it’s easily solved by plugging them both in.

Also reviews of this thing say it can get a little hot- I think this is with the grey/white one you will likely see pics of whereever you buy it from - the one I actually got was the same product but black, and in a slightly larger plastic case/shell. It doesn’t heat up at all.

(oh and in case anyone wodners, it does actually have drivers for 95/98 - you just don’t need them in XP)