Best single player hl fan missions?

anyone have any favorite fanmade half-life singleplayer missions?

my favorite is peaces like us a great level where the xen aliens and scientists are working together whne the military attacks. there are some neat scripted moments like when the giant sac monster helps you through a barrier.

i just downloaded darkstar and was wondering if anyone had any favorites.

I liked Minerva, I believe it’s called? It’s rather interesting, and has some great, solid design.

Yup, I was also going to recommend Minerva, and in looking up the url for you I found that part two is out. Off to play as soon as it downloads!

Minerva is for Half-Life 2.

If you downloaded USS Darkstar then you’re looking for Half-Life 1 maps. Darkstar was a great mod. The same author (Neil Manke) also did They Hunger which came in 3 parts. If you haven’t played that, you’re in for a treat.

Some other great HL1 maps: Azure Sheep & Poke 646. Both were very fun and very well-done. Point of View is also supposed to be great but I haven’t played it. Supposedly you play an alien slave instead of Gordon.

Whoops, completely missed that, sorry!

In the vein of HL2’s Minerva is its predecessor Someplace Else, which is part of Project: Quantum Leap (20 maps by 15 authors). There is some variance in difficulty and in the skill of the author, but on the whole it is an excellent map pack.