Best thing you'll see all month: Loving

Not so long ago, the term for interracial marriage was miscegeny. Today the term for interracial marriage is marriage. An important step in that process was the Supreme Court in 1967 telling Virginia, “Okay, look, you can’t make laws to stop certain people from getting married.” It would take another 48 years for the Supreme Court to really follow through, but they got there eventually.

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Preacher is AMC. You’ve been misled by the continued use of the old thread from when it was going to be on HBO and then it turned out not to be. For which I must accept some measure of blame.

Ruth Negga was squandered in Agents of SHIELD for a couple of seasons. I’m glad she’s in something worthy.

I only know her from Agents of Shield, so it’s supremely weird seeing a manipulative Inhuman suddenly appear in a critically acclaimed historical flick.

I’m not up on my Marvel taxonomy. What’s a manipulative Inhuman? Was she a bad guy?

She’s a bad-ass redneck superchick with a plucky Texas twang in Preacher. Also very cognitively dissonant.


I was very mixed on this film. It had a superstar cast that performed wonderfully, and the photography and color was fantastic. But the story/writing was very hit and miss for me.

Let’s see if I can figure out a spoiler in discourse - don’t read if you plan to see the film:

Ok, I definitely felt the film was not gratuitous, which is a common pitfall for films like this. I do admire how they showed the family went on with their lives after they had been convicted and when they finally moved back to Virginia they lived in relative peace for years as the problem was not local but more archaic systematic issues for the state that needed to be addressed.

I felt though that since there was not the stereo-typical rednecks with drive-bys, rocks and torches and such for the film, the writers conjured up several false tension moments that never panned out, where you thought something bad was going to occur but it never did. Though I will admit they were possibly trying to emulate the paranoia that Mr Loving appeared to be experiencing, I felt it was done too often in the film.

I do give them kudos for creating some mystery as to who within their circle turned them in, and though they hinted at several possible suspects, they never revealed who it was…and as I left the film this was the most interesting thing I found about it and wished it had been developed even more.

[quote=“mok, post:6, topic:126871, full:true”]Though I will admit they were possibly trying to emulate the paranoia that Mr Loving appeared to be experiencing…

You hit on it exactly. Take Shelter and Midnight Run, two of Jeff Nichols other movies, are important insights into what Loving is about. Although there’s a lot going on in Loving, an important throughline is Richard Loving’s anxiety about being able to care for his family.


Inhumans are essentially artificially created mutants with the added benefit of bypassing Fox’s ownership of the word “mutant”.

As for Ruth Negga, she started as a mad scientist obsessed with the evolution of the human race.

You can guess how well that turned out. A few terrigen crystals later and…