Best thing you'll see all week: Happy Hunting


Let’s talk people lost in a desert, literally and metaphorically.

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I will have to check this one out. I definitely had very mixed feelings about The Bad Batch, although partly my issue is that I was sold a crazy violent thrill ride and actually it’s pretty slow and meditative and arty with a few eruptions of violence and cannibalism. I don’t know that it works in that mode either, but I would have been less disappointed if is had expected it. some great visuals, (not least Ms. Waterhouse) and interesting star turns, though. You would never recognize Jim Carrey.


Point Break did not have bad dialogue.


The cover sure looks familiar.



Nice review Tom, and it’s convinced me to add it to my Watchlist. It will replace The Bad Batch.

Addiction is spelled “addition” in the first sentence of the fifth paragraph. Unless, the antagonist is relying on basic math to help with his grief.


Classic. Memorable. Like Jean Renoir.


This was very good. The review was a little off base however, as Point Break he very height of cinematic, uh, whatever the best stuff in movies is.

It’s definitely my favorite Checkov’s you-know-what. Also one of the best McGivering s I’ve ever seen. And I always like to recognize movies that are honest about the fact that handling firearms requires care or else accidents happen.

But the addiction and WAll are the real stars (Lally is good as the foil too), no question.


Finally did get this watched (on an overnight bus back home after holiday vacation). Yeah, it’s real good. Beautifully shot, not afraid to live in the little moments and really well paced - you’d be forgiven for wondering how the very basic premise and limited scope could be worked out into a full movie, but they manage beautifully.

I winced a lot when he manually fired the shotgun shell. That’s…just…you don’t wanna do that.