Best thing you'll see all week: This high school play based on BioShock

Best thing you’ll see all week: This high school play based on BioShock The above video comes courtesy of the John Burroughs High School Powerhouse choir group. The group wrote and performed this mini-play about Andrew Ryan and his tragicomic dystopia set to some catchy tunes. Rapture might’ve been a heck of a lot less scary with Proud Mary piping through the PA system. Thanks to Eurogamer for the pointer!

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Ok that is awesome.

The latter songs are awesome!

I wonder how they decided on the subject? Because at the end of the day, Bioshock is probably not in the wheelhouse of high schoolers in 2022, it’s a 2007 game.

Kudos to them though, the dystopian future we’re all living in is terrible, but games having cultural cache is certainly one of the good things about it.

Perhaps the teacher recommended it?

I still am spoiler free and haven’t played the game. Should I watch the play instead?

Because a teen nerd in 2007 is a 30 year old music and drama teacher in 2022.