Better Late Than Never

So I saw this on vacation last year, and when I came back from vacation this year picked up again. There isn’t really much about this that says I should like it, but watching a bunch of odl guys travel the world with some young guy whose name I always forget but is famous for… something, is actually pretty entertaining. And these guys really are old. I mean I know George Foreman is known for boxing but to me he was a guy who pitched grills when I was young. And because they’re old, simple thing like going down a water slide can be pretty amusing.

Sure some of their encounters are staged for added laughs, especially the ones that young guy pitches, but it’s pretty light-hearted fun; it really is, and a rather diverse group too.

It’s on HULU, and the short season just started in January.

I enjoyed the first season last year, I saw new episodes were on my DVR for this a week or two ago.

The cast really plays well off each other. You can tell they are having a good time. :)

Yep, I enjoyed the first season and I’ve been watching the second. It’s “reality TV” and reminds me of watching pro wrestling at time, but there seems to be some real friendship between the guys and it’s generally pretty funny. And every once in a while there’s a nice emotional moment, like when George met the family of his old Olympic opponent or Henry found his uncle’s house in Berlin.