BF2: My kingdom for a padlock and get off my lawn

So I thought I’d finally try to fly a jet in BF2. Fired up single player, got it all configured. Got into an air battle with the AI… and err… can’t do shit.

My kingdom for a padlock. Good lord. How do they expect anyone to have air battles without them. Hell, give me snap-views that I can map to my hat. Please! You can’t do a high yo-yo (the one air combat manuever I can pull off) without a freaking view of the enemy.

And the annoying thing is that if I told anyone on a BF2 forum about this, they’d tell me that I just sucked, just like I told them about how the helicopters in Desert Combat were way too hard to fly. Those damn kids called Longbow 2 unrealistic. The damn snot-nose punks.

Follow the contrails.

You don’t so much have dogfights as play “who loses sight of who first because there is no bloody radar” and then shoot a couple of missiles off as the person runs out of countermeasures.

You never really run out of countermeasures, there’s just a temporary “recharge” period.

ProTip: when tailing an enemy fighter, switch to bomb mode and chisel away at him with the cannon, because if he’s any good you’ll probably never get a clean missile hit and the laser lock will only alert him that he’s being tailed.

Save your sidewinders for those juicy, sloth-like transport choppers.