BFM2 - ewwww

So I picked up Battle for Middle Earth 2 today, and the game looks barely ok, but it runs pretty crappy.

I have it set to ultra high detail settings and I get majorly pixelated shadows, and severly low poly models while the game chugs along at maybe 25 fps. The game also stutters - dropping frames left and right - when i scroll.

I have a pretty high end PC (athlon 64 3700+, geforce 7800, 1 gig ram), is anyone else having these problems?

Also, the game only supports 2 resolutions, 800x600 and 1024x768. What is the deal with that? Most 17" & 19" LCDs run at 1280x1024, its not like they are rarity these days.

so uh yeah, fuck EA

The demo runs like choppy crap even at Medium detail on my machine.

P4 3.2 GHz
Geforce 6600 GT

Yeah, pretty disappointing, but it seems to be the EALA tradition. C&C Generals was just as bad at release, and it’s still not smooth on this rig. Have the same performance problems with Civ 4, of all games. And yet Call of Duty 2 and FEAR are smooth and pleasant. I hope Rise of Legends doesn’t chug like its peers do.