BidenPalin LiveChat GaffeFest PartyThread!

Yes, here is where the fun will be. …once the debate actually starts tonight, that is.

Lame to preemptively create? Maybe, but I am tired and thought of the thread title while driving addledly to work and had to do it, HAD TO DO IT.

Good - some of us are sleeping when this happens and at work unable to watch recordings tomorrow, so reading the punchlines in this thread will make up for it.

Entertain me!

I’m all set. I just have to decide which station to watch this on, CBS, NBC, or a public channel.

I plan to watch on cspan, but I almost want to see if CNN will deploy “the worm” again, and watching the dive that took in the first debate when Mccain mentioned Vietnam was the best part of the evening for me.

Will CNN air this one too?

The worm was great. I’ll be watching CNN again.

What’s the “worm”?

After hearing about the worm, I am definitely watching this on CNN.

The worm is awesome. I find myself entranced by its hypnotic undulations. “Raising the worm” needs to be inaugurated into common debate parlance, immediately.

It’s this rating thing where Republicans, Independents, and Democrats click on whether they like it or not.

Shows as three colored lines at bottom of screen. Didn’t watch Obama/McCain debate, but I saw it on West Wing.

Yeah, they actually get a little dial, which they can turn to the left to express displeasure, or to the right to express approval. Then the cumulative input of the entire audience is displayed as a crawling line graph–sort of like an audience-approval EKG–with three lines (as wisefool said, split by party affiliation).

I’m not a big fan of CNN, normally, but it is actually pretty interesting to see the audience reaction in realtime like that.

Alas, I’ll be the photographer a high school volleyball game during the debate.

Come to think of it, that’s where I’d rather be.

But I’ll come by this forum afterward and read the flame war ;-)

It gives familiar old meaning to the phrase “The worm is turning.”

Palin can count this debate as a “win” if she isn’t completely and utterly destroyed.

Palin can count this debate as a “win” if she doesn’t pick and eat a booger in the middle of it. Expectations are at historic lows.

I like this quote from a New Republic writer that illustrates precisely how low expectations are:

Assuming Palin survives the entire 90 minutes…

So now the bar is set at actually managing to remain upright on stage for the entire length of the debate.

I’m armed with decent scotch, and looking forward to it.

I know the conventional wisdom is that Biden will be trying to avoid being a big old meanie to the fragile flower, and expect that to be the case. But just how awesome would it be if he buried the needle in the opposite direction and did his best to mock her until she bursts into tears and flees the stage? Granted, then there’d be a major sympathy bump, but it’d almost be worth it.

Anyone else, never happen. But you know, Biden’s crazy enough to DO IT.

“Would the esteemed Governor of Alaska like to share her thoughts on the Treaty of Nantes?”

Please post explicit instructions on how to get the worm that does not involve draining a 5th of tequila ;-)

I think Wonkette has proposed the best VP debate drinking game so far.


The following situations call for One (1) Shot of Liquor:

* PALIN doesn’t know what FDIC or SEC stand for.
* BIDEN admits to plagiarizing the Constitution.
* PALIN admits to dealing meth.
* BIDEN references Palin’s stump speech insult — where she claims she’s been hearing about Biden’s Senate speeches since she was in second grade — by saying there’s no evidence Sarah Palin ever made it to second grade.
* GWEN IFILL asks Sarah Palin about incestuous rape.
* PALIN insults Biden for having hair plugs.
* BIDEN calls her “another tanning booth whore, and I’ve known a few.”
* PALIN says “lipstick” in any context.

Finally: Three shots and throw the glass at the teevee if:

* BIDEN calls her a “hockey pig.”
* PALIN pulls off her pantsuit to reveal a confederate-flag one-piece bathing suit, and she looks fat, and the audience boos.