Big Bang Theory news

(I could have sworn we had a thread about this show last year but I couldn’t find it using the Search function.)

Anyway, interesting casting news.

I saw ‘segs’ and ‘frosh’ and then stopped. Do they, at any point, start using the English language? I’ve studied Spanish, but my Esperanto is a bit rusty.

Common mistake. Variety is actually written in Doucheranto, which looks similar to the untrained eye.

I got about halfway through the article in the new Prince of Persia topic before I suspected that I was reading Variety and glanced up at the masthead. The clue? Reading it was making me want to die.

Are segs segments? That seems an awkward bit of phrasing.

I only know frosh is freshmen cos of SModcast.

And segs is probably segments, but frosh is just as many letters as first, so that’s excessive shorthand.

So what we’re saying here is that Tom did the worst video game review Variety has ever seen.

God dammit I thought this was going to be about the actual Big Bang Theory. Who gives a shit about Sara Gilbert.

I’m in the wrong forum.

More news: this show sucks.

Hahaha. Yes! Congratulations on the stunt casting, but your writers are still dead inside.

Hahaha I never heard of this tedious piece of shit until I saw it syndicated in Mexico last week. I just mentioned it to my girlfriend and she’s seen it… also in syndication, but in Costa Rica. It’s the toast of impoverished Latin American cable!

My mom loves this show.

Tell her I said “Hi”.

My only first-hand experience with this show has been a scene that was on GameStopTV during the short time that I worked retail. I thought it was awful and determined to maintain an outsider’s perspective to nerds in general, making every effort to reduce our efforts to the simplest comedic situation possible and making no attempt to understand the motivations of our subculture (as opposed to, say, Genshiken, for instance). I guess that works for the mass-market audience, though, so I can’t really fault them from a business perspective.

However, this show constantly keeps coming up, as relative or friends’ relatives keep saying, “OH MY GOD I LOVE BIG BANG THEORY IT REMINDS ME OF YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS.”

God. Shut. Up.

Hahah you are a nerd.

I don’t know how they pass as college students. Many of the actors look like old people playing hipsters.

They aren’t supposed to be college students. The main characters are near genius types, prodigies, just out of grad school. That’s why they don’t talk about class, homework, etc.

They are supposed to be fairly young, however.

No doubt.

Ohh, I’ve only seen about 15 minutes of it and that was too much for my soul to bear.

I’d certainly rather be associated with this show than something like “According to Jim”.