Big Brother 6

Is anyone else watching it? I dont know why but it seems like every time its on I get totally sucked in to it. This season just got fucking great.

I love it. One of my favorite shows on TV right now(well…pretty far behind the new Family Guy but still…). This year started out kinda slow, but the not-so-secret partner twist and dramatic shift in power the last week has made for some great fun to watch.

I don’t get the hatred for reality TV. Ok, yea some are total garbage, but I like most of the competitive, non-dating ones. They are games, and I like games…even silly mind games played by shallow, mentally challenged fame whores.

Yeah what they did on tuesday was pure friggin gold. That guy just changed the whole game and he knows it. Like you said it started out slow and I was like wtf partners? Thats weak but it just got good… really good.

I think Big Brother is the best “game” of the reality TV shows. It is much more strategic than just voting someone out because they annoy the group or they are a weak player.

The fact that a nominated player has the opportunity to knock themself out of the running through immunity is really clever. So the group can never gang up on the little guy and feel safe. The biggest problem with Survivor is when tribes merge, and typically (Not always) the stronger tribe will pick-off members of the weaker until they are all gone. This makes for some boring TV.

This season has been really well done so far, I enjoy watching it.


Yeah exactly… like what happened on tuesday. The alliance set up so the guy that was on the block would get it. That was one of the most bad ass things I have seen go down in a while.

I watch Big Brother also. I love this show. I agree Kaser’s move to get eric out of the house was pure gold (almost as good as the evil Dr. from a past season but not quite). After the veto comp, when kaser told maggie he “caught the bigger fish” i almost fell out of my seat, that was so great. Even better now however is that Eric’s partner maggie won HOH, and will now be mixing things up even more.

You guys got any ideas on the new twist thats coming up? There are rumors of sequestered house guests and people coming back into the house after getting the boot. At least i got that impression from the conversation the Chenbot had with Ashlea.

I hope they bring back the Evil Doctor of Big Brother Season 2. That guy was reality TV gold.

Howie is pretty damn funny too with all his jedi shit. I was laughing pretty good at that.

It hasn’t happened all that much, actually. What typically happens is, just after the merge, the bigger tribe gets more confident in its position, and then stuff like who the Top 3 and so forth are. Oops, there were 5 people in the tribe during the merge, so the other 2 often deal with the all-to-eager members of the joining tribe. I love it when that happens (although I gave up on Survivor after All-Stars). My favorite was when the deaf girl was the swing vote, and was ambivalent on purpose about her decision. So, they all voted her off.

If you like reality TV, never watch VH1’s specials about it. You’ll never watch a reality TV show again.

Why on earth would we want to do that?

Ok so with this new twist the rumors are flying. Lots of people are saying it doesnt matter what people vote they are just gonna put eric back in there. Through my 100% unscientific poll taking it seems to me that most people want kayser to come back… Seriously though CBS would rig the results if it made for better TV.

Also my GF who is really in to the show decided to check out the live 24 hour feeds and let me tell you what its odd watching them. Like you are watching the show play out in real time and its kinda cool… is it worth 12.99 a month? Prolly not but you get to see a lot of the drama that they dont show on TV and you can also see how they cut up a lot of the people to make them seem worse then they are.

You also get to see alot of the power plays being made in real time.

I watched Big Brother 1.

I’ve never watched any since, for obvious reasons.

Thanks for sharing.

Dont ya just love it how people feel the need to express their distate for something they should be ignoring anyway. What ever happend to simple manners.

In anycase Ranvarian, im getting the same results in my own informal polling. So far i have only found one person who voted for eric, and he says he did it just because he thinks it will make the house guests crazy. Everyone else that i know, including my self, has voted for Kaser. Infact i have voted for kasser about 50 times so far lol.

I also have the feeds, and i suppose they are worth the 13 bones. They definatly keep me entertained here at work. A couple of days ago i was watching the feed and Janelle was walking around the house singing. Big Brother came on and reminded her in very firm terms that they where not allowed to sing at anytime. You got any ideas what thats all about?

Yeah its about copyrighted shit. You know when they cut to the fish they are like yelling at them for something.

So has it gotten to the point where everyone is just having sex with each other?

That’s about the only thing that could get me interested in these gerbil-cage type shows.

So has it gotten to the point where everyone is just having sex with each other?


They also cut to the fish when they talk about stuff BB doesnt want you to know about money ect ect.

They get paid 750 a week every week they are in the house.

No shit!! i never knew that. What other kinds of insider info do you have lol.

I am just about done with this show. We’ll see what happens today but if what I Think happens is gonna happen then fuck this shit.

From reading another messageboard (twop), it appears that quite a few watchers feel the same way. The strange thing is, “America” got to choose their favorite outed houseguest to return…of course the reason that person was most popular with viewers is the same reason why it’s a good play to get them out again. At this point, I will be bummed to see “America’s favorite” leave again right after getting back in, but if they don’t go I can’t help but feel that there is some external hijinx going on, which ruins what little integrity the game had to begin with…