Big Releases and Disappointing Stories (spoilers?)

Halo 2’s story was moderately disappointing. Gamespot says that Half-Life 2’s story is disappointing, specifically that it “feels like the middle chapter in a much larger story.”

I’m starting to detect a trend here. Are big name developers purposefully gimping their stories just for the sake of making trilogies/sequals? I’m sure this practice is nothing new, but with these two games, it really pisses me off. I find the Halo universe to be incredibly engaging, and Halo 2’s story is a missed opportunity to add even more to the established universe. I was hoping Valve would save the day in this department, but I guess that’s not gonna happen. Now where am I going to get my engaging sci-fi action storyline this holiday season?

Note to developers: please provide complete storylines in your game. Please provide closure. Give the player a great, satisfying climax (see also: Halo 1’s The Maw). You have no idea how much this can add to a game. Great endings can make mediocre games wonderful! Feel free to pull a Empire Strikes Back or Two Towers, but, for the love of god, do it right!

Wait, I can answer this question: Tribes: Vengeance. But I need more!