Bioshock: Harvesting poll (Spoilers!)

Sorry for making another Bioshock thread, but this is bugging me. I’ve been discussing this with Bioshock veterans, and the actual split between harvest/save is enormously in the favour of “save”. As in about 7 to 1. I’d like to get a larger sample. So…

EDIT: I’m talking on your first play through. And I’m also tempted to say if you knew what difference there was before playing, could you abstain.

Saved them all, but I was sorely tempted to kill some because I got really tired of the same animation/sound bit every time.

I saved them all. There really doesn’t seem to be much incentive NOT to save them all. The extra Adam you get from harvesting is largely, though not entirely, offset by the periodic gifts you get from rescuing them. Given that I had more than enough Adam to get all the stuff I wanted by the end of the game anyway, I’m not sure what I’d have done with the extra.

I’m almost to the end and have been harvesting them for this play through. When I go for my second play I’ll save them all.


I know it’s early days yet, but I’m actually a bit spooked by the initial numbers coming exactly up on my 7:1 ratio.


Still working through, but I’m planning on killing them all. I’ll save them next run.

I did it totally randomly, based on my mood at the time.

I saved them all, the gift rewards you get make up for the less adam for the part.

Do you still get the gift reward for every 3 that you save, or if you kill one, are you SOL? I.e. if you kill one you may as well kill them all?

You still get the teddy bears but the way I understand it you only need to kill one to void the good ending.

Saved them all. I didn’t know how it worked at the beginning so I didn’t factor into my play, but you get 90%+ of the adam from saving that you do from harvesting. I had enough adam to buy pretty much whatever I wanted(only skipped the whirlwind and frost plasmids, but could’ve easily bought them instead of, say, engineering slots which I didn’t need)

I thought the saving animation/audio was adorable and extremely well done

Saved them all apart from one, after much trying to avoid it.

Which apparently means I’m Hitler and Stalin rolled into one, but not enough that Tannenbaum wouldn’t let me babysit for her.

From my post in the spoiler thread:

I went the harvest route, initially because at the time the first choice is presented to you, all you know is that Tenenbaum began her career in the Nazi death camps and Atlas is doing right by you so far. Having played SS2, I knew that the friendly, helpful narrator that you never actually get to meet was bad fucking news, but I didn’t want to let that particular tidbit of metaknowledge affect my play. Furthermore, the game was kicking my ass until I got a few weapons/plasmids/tonics, so I figured I’d need every ounce of ADAM I could get my hands on and half value wasn’t going to cut it.

I saved three later because I found out that that would get me the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid, though I ended up not being to fond of it. What kind of bugged me was that I got refunded most of the ADAM I missed out on, thus negating the sacrifice that going good entailed (or so I thought). At that point I kind of wished I’d been saving all along, but decided to press forward and harvest the rest.

Hypnotize Big Daddy is hands down the most or second most useful plasmid in the game.

Can someone tell me how different the game plays out if you play as evil? Is all you get just more Adam (the good way gives you plenty)? Does the story change at all aside from the final cinematic? What does the evil ending entail, you ruling Rapture with an iron fist or something?

Spoilers, but I’m assuming everyone here has finished the game.

Over in the “Things I Don’t Like About Bioshock” sticky we’ve been talking about the plot, and that was covered in a fair amount of detail. The gist is that almost nothing changes. You don’t get Tenenbaum thanking you over the radio, you don’t get the teddy bears, the girls are less friendly to you in the orphanage, and you get an ending cinematic that I interpret as you using the new Rapture tech to take over the world.

I saved the first one, and the little girl thanking me kind of made me not want to harvest any from that point forward.

Thanks, I have been trying to find that info in the various threads. The problem is that they are very very long. It seems like it is not worth replaying. They could have opened up a line of evil palsmids. Like soul sucking or some other crap to make the evil path play differently.

It’s a sucky combo with the static discharge thing, unfortunately. He stands really close to you, and won’t attack things until they attack you. And the second something attacks you, your static discharge goes off and zaps him, and he gets mad at you.

No it’s not. There are so many stupid ways you can get a big daddy pissed off at you when charmed, that it’s more a liability than a benefit.

I saved them all because I’d get 100 Gamerscore if I did. Also, you have to save them all if you want Tonic Collector for another 50 Gamerscore.