Bioshock SPOILER: Prometheus Story Meltdown

I’ve just entered Prometheus which is probably near the end of the game, and was wondering if Irrational’s story writer got run over by a bus and suddenly had to be replaced at this point.

  1. Fontaine first tells me to meet him in Prometheus but then tries to prevent me from following him! He didn’t seem to have laid a trap or anything, either. In fact he seemed suprised to see me. Why didn’t he just tell me to go somewhere else?

  2. Tenenbaum tells me that I must dress up as a Big Daddy so that the Little Ones will open a door for me. Hello? What about the dozen or so Little Ones that I have already saved and even met face-to-face in the orphanage? Why don’t you send one of those?

  3. Tenenbaum still has her Russian accent, and her backstory has established her as a prisoner in a German camp. As we discussed in an earlier thread, that most likely makes her not German. Yet now Fontaine calls her “Frau Kraut” and for the first time she intersperses German words in her dialog. Identity crisis?

  4. If Fontaine is psychically monitoring me all the time (how, anyway?) then why didn’t he try to prevent me from getting the two samples I needed to restore myself? And why wasn’t he in his own headquarters?

Just go to The Things I Don`t Like about BioShock (Check-in here when you’re done!) when you are done. Which you soon will be.

And in fact she does exactly that. The LS you escort are the saved ones, and so you really shouldn’t need to dress as a BD at all.

What he said. There’s a new club to discuss all of this. Good points though.

The game explains that’s the only way to trigger their conditioning/programming. The rescued LSs can travel through the vent pipes just fine, but you don’t see them go through the doors.

Yes you do.
One of them lets you out of the Orphanage through the special doors.

(now there’s a weird bit of architecture or where all the weird doors and useful vents just retrofitted after they discovered ADAM?)

  1. Actually, the first time you meet her she says “Bitte, don’t kill her”. And I don’t think it’s strange that a girl who grew up between German scientists and admired the Germans (according to an audio log outside the Fighting McDonaugh’s) uses the odd German word now and then.

Woops, you’re right. There’s no defending it now.

Okay, I finished the game. See you in the big spoiler thread!