Black Friday, or how about a little more Bruce Campbell versus the undead?

Oh yeah, this is going to be just the thing.

The bowtie is a nice touch.

Super excited about it! As soon as I found out about it, hoping it gets some theatre time, will go see it, if it hits locally.

First review I’ve found -

VOD on the 23rd! Yes!!!

I bailed after 20 minutes. Not enough Campbell. And I got the impression that no amount of Campbell could make up for just how chintzy the whole thing feels. If you’re going to set your movie in a superstore, make sure your budget can afford an actual superstore.

Also, toy stores today are problematic in movies these days. Modern toy stores are enormous grotesque shrines to whatever IPs are popular among kids. So when I see a toystore in a movie that’s just a bunch of random dolls, stuffed animals, and indeterminate boxes, I feel like I’m not looking at anything that has existed for 40 years or so.