Black Mirror



Spoilers for the finale:

The season was great, as per usual. What an awesome show. The bit based on Penn Jillette’s short story ‘Pain Addict’ was one of my favorites I think - nice and grim.

Metalhead was probably my least favorite episode, a bit too straightforward, But still entertaining. And good to see we got another great love story this season.


I thought I saw in the Black Museum a display with the red sucker and the box used for the DNA sequencing from the Callister episode in the museum. I could have been hallucinating it though.


Yep you saw it all right, the museum is full of stuff from other episodes…


Well right hence the double entendre there, the “Black” museum.


What is a ghola?


The moment you have AI’s complex enough to be self aware and have emotions the difference is moot point. These are persona, but made of bits inside a computer instead of atoms.


Sentient AI’s are plausible, at least for me. Sentient AI’s with memories extracted from DNA? Nope.

It didn’t bother me, though. It was a well written and acted episode with something to say, overall a great hour of television.


Just keep in mind that memories stored in DNA is the core conceit of the Assassins Creed games.


Well, that’s an arguable position. Not everyone would agree with that, I am sure.


I found this very informative:

I will agree with the writer of that article that through various TV shows, that’s pretty much how I thought the morning after pill worked as well. It’s interesting to read what it actually does instead.


Some people is programmed to disagree with my statement.


Some would argue we are simulations.


Computing power don’t scale forever but instead collide with physical limits, so we can’t simulate a whole universe.

I don’t think we will be able to simulate whole realities and people inside it, with has much detail has we experience. I feel safe that way.


Those limits are part of the sim. And we’re not the ones running it. ;)


It sounds like a nerdy version of creationism.


I only got around to watching the first three episodes so far.

The digital cloning premise of USS Callister is, of course, bonkers even by Black Mirror standards*, but I liked the general plot dynamic and the perspective shift, i.e. Meth Demon and the real world being more at the center of the first part after which everything shifts over to the new employee and the virtual world.

As for Robert’s fate, I’d argue the show goes lengths to point out that it’s Christmas and that no one will be at work for at least 8 or 9 days. I guess it is implied that he’s a loner and no one will really notice his absence until everyone’s back in the office, wondering after a while why the CTO doesn’t show up. Meaning that virtual Robert probably will be trapped in the darkness of his now defunct Infinity branch until real Robert dies of dehydration.

Question though: it seems like the patch would have rolled out in his version of Infinity either way and shut down the game, i.e. he probably would have been stuck in the game and died regardless of the actions of the other characters because it’s likely that he would have played at the time? The only difference is the other characters probably would have died along with the game world instead of living on in the main game - and dying was their original goal anyway.

* What’s just as implausible is that a company would roll out a fat update on Christmas Eve.

Arkangel: I really dug the performances by Dewitt and the actresses who played the daughter at different phases of her life. I also liked Jodie Foster’s direction. That said, the plot was utterly and sadly predictable and offered exactly zero surprises. I don’t think every BM episode has to end with a big twist or Twilight Zone dundundunnnn outcome, but I also like the element of not fully knowing where an episode is heading towards. At some point, I thought the episode might look deeper into how growing up in a filtered reality affects the girl’s personality, but that’s quickly done with.

Solid three episodes so far, but none of them having taken the respective premise and run as far as let’s Say Nosedive or The Entire History of You.


Exactly, this is why metalhead is so strong, in my book. Also by the way, as a person who works intimately in tech… everything depicted in metalhead is EXTREMELY plausible.


Lol yeah but there were a couple of scenes about that; Walton livid that the update wasn’t ready to go already, then Roberts spacing out and ‘approving’ those changes that pushed it to the 24th.


My girlfriend has watched all of them and got me to watch one today. We watched Shut Up and Dance.

Holy cow.