Black Mirror


Was that her choice? Or did you pick randomly? The episode surely is one big gut punch, but it’s not one that plays the strengths of Black Mirror.


It was sort of random. She said it was good, but we were scrolling through the list and I saw “computer virus” and was intrigued.


Sooo many easter eggs in season 4. I caught about half of these? There were a lot.


Wait, was it supposed to be a morning after pill in the show? Do they specifically state that? Everything I saw in the episode shows an over the counter abortion pill (time since sexual act, the fact that the vitals show an already in course pregnancy, the editing of the show implying several days went through…).

Since I saw it with my parents, we watched it dubbed, so I don’t know if the original script specifically mentions the morning after pill, but in the version I saw it was (I think) an over-the-counter abortive.


It was labelled and called an ‘EC pill’, or emergency contraception - which indicates it was to prevent pregnancy.

But then the school nurse also said it was for ‘terminating your pregnancy’.


Oh well, then yes, what a silly mistake.


I don’t really understand the criticism of the mother waiting to put it in the shake the next morning. While effectiveness does decreases over time, afaik there’s still a good chance of preventing a pregnancy the morning after.


It’s not the morning after. By watching the episode I got the feeling there were several days that went through between the last time they see (before the mother goes to the boy) and the pregnancy alert on the device (which indicates that pregnancy has already happened, anyways).


Yeah, that threw me at the time. I had until that point assumed that weeks or even months had passed since she spied on them having sex. I had to recalibrate my entire sense of the narrative.


Hang the DJ kinda blew my mind!


Loved every episode this season. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Hang the DJ, simply because both of the leads gave convincing and charming performances.


Also a rare optimistic episode! I was also a fan.


We’ve just got Black Museum left but so far it’s been a strong season, certainly more consistent than the last in my opinion. Lower highs but higher lows, perhaps.

USS Callister was one hell of an opener. I loved that Daly wasn’t interested in sexual simulation in his pocket universe; he was creepy enough without that. Although he did kiss all the ladies in the intro, which set the alarm bells off. I was a little disappointed that he became trapped in his own creation – seems like a very poor oversight for the CTO! I wanted him to disconnect out, discover his fridge empty and then… well, I guess the episode was only an hour and 15 minutes long. There seems to have been a lot of media exploring cloned consciousnesses recently though.

Arkangel was good but predictable. Although the mother’s actions seemed alarming, her personality was set up well with the birth scene and her reaction to losing her daughter: tagging and monitoring her with tech. I wish the episode had explored what kind of damage a filtered reality and extreme mollycoddling could do to a child. It flirted with it but unfortunately went down the more predictable and less interesting ‘shocking’ path.

Crocodile was like that really unbelievable bit in Blade Runner with the photo, but with memories instead. Interesting and grim with a typically nasty Black Mirror twist. I liked the bit where she was trying to keep her thoughts off the murder but the harder you try the harder it becomes…

I really enjoyed Hang the DJ and loved the two central performances. I laughed a lot at their exchanges and did not foresee the ending! It was like a double twist: it was all a simulation! Here’s a happy ending! Reminded me of The Truman Show, which is not a bad thing. Similarly, it had a great soundtrack with what sounded like Sigur-Ros or Jonsi at the end when they were climbing the ladder.

Metalhead was great but the trail of blood seemed a bit… clumsy. I loved that no effort was made to explain the situation of the world; it was just man vs. Boston Dynamics. Going black and white was effective and no doubt made the special effects gel better. Also: worst fetch quest ever.

That’s one of my favourites!


Shut Up and Dance is also one of my favorites. I love how it embraces the terribleness of everything and everyone.


Meh, Shut Up and Dance is the most stereotypical of Black Mirror episodes, therefore not that interesting. It’s just OK.


Meant to add too: in Crocodile the mum’s son says in the first 15 minutes or so ‘Have a good day, mummy’ and I was like ‘Kid, she’s in a Black Mirror episode, this will probably be the worst day of her life.’

So we watched Black Museum last night and aside from the pain doctor (which was the clear highlight of the episode for me), it seemed like another twist on perpetually trapped and tortured souls, which has been touched on twice in this season (Black Museum and USS Callister) and before in White Christmas. It’s the heaviest in this episode and the revenge angle was welcome, although I felt for the poor death row guy in all those souvenirs. I hope this element doesn’t become a sort of writing tick.

And who in their right fucking mind would want their loved one injected into their mind? It was amusing watching all that fall apart in exactly the way I expected but that seemed like one of the worst technological indulgences in the series so far. I can see Nish’s mum wanting in on the revenge though, and the road trip singing along with her daughter.


Did anybody sit through that episode and not just say ‘nope nope nope nope’ to themselves through all of those scenes?


I think romantic love have many versions, and some types may be a lot more into that than others.

Oberon (from Midsummer Night’s Dream) would hate the idea, but Romeo (from Romeo and Juliet) could be a lot into that.


I was more talking to the QT3 audience, all bets are off once you hit the internet at large. I expect every single person who posts here, without fail, had their mind start doing this at the very introduction of the idea that you could put a loved one in your head for all time.

Ok. Maybe a child? I could see that. Horrifying as that would be, I could see somebody otherwise rational doing it.


Yep, all the nopes!