Black Ops Cold War is the next Call of Duty

Couple fun 30 sec. clips from the weekend…

Well, that’s a big oops.

Yeah, was silly but they made it right. It’s live now. The bird skull blueprint is pretty cool.

2 crashes while compiling shaders, and crashed during the 1st campaign mission. I knew I should have avoided the temptation to grab this after MW. I don’t know what it is, but CoD does not like this system. I’d hoped to have a new system by now, maybe I will later this year, but with the shortages who knows.

It’s not your system, Cold War is shit with installation and netcode on PC. I am amazed that one of the most profitable game franchises stumbles so badly in those aspects.

Compare that to Apex Legends, which is buttery smooth from installation straight through to playing matches.

Between Cold War’s shader bullshit, massive installation size, and netcode problems I uninstalled it. There is some fun to be had there, but it is just not worth it with all the problems of the PC version.

Yeah. I like the gunplay but everything else tends to be more hassle than it’s worth on PC.

I tried reinstalling, some older driver versions including the one recommended in their settings file, which looks like it probably hasn’t been updated since launch, and still no joy. Probably half a dozen crashes just compiling the shaders, and then it is pretty much guaranteed to crash when actually playing. I think I had one spot where I purposefully logged out before it crashed. The i7-6700k and rtx 2080 are well within spec, but this appears to be another installment I will not be playing. Enjoy the $54 Treyarch :p

Do you have problems with any other games? That seems excessive. Have you blown the crap out of your PC lately? Specifically the video card fans and heatsinks?

No problems with anything else. I had issues with Modern Warfare as well. Played a decent amount of BF5 with the same setup.

I cleaned it out earlier this year. Might take it out and blow everything out again, but doubt it will make a difference. Next step may be to try moving the install to the same disk as the windows install.

Sadly that is just the experience of one of the most profitable core video games in 2020/2021.

Playing Second Extinction with 5% of Activision’s budget I was amazed at how flexible their P2P code was. Sometimes had some rubberbanding and slight desyncs, but the P2P netcode always rebounded and got things back in sync…with a game budget a tiny fraction of Call of Duty.

I had your same experience playing Cold War with a freshly built PC in 2020 and a fully updated system.

It sucks because I love the design of so much of Cold War; especially the zombie Outbreak mode. I can’t tell you how much of Outbreak I played where our team got to like world 7 then had the whole level freeze then disconnect with all progress lost.

Do you have an Activision and a Blizzard account?

Bummer that it doesn’t seem consistently working for some of you because I legit love warzone/blops. I play warzone on Xbox with friends and blops on pc by myself and the shared progression just works in such a crazy good way.

The shared progression is great, same as it was in Modern Warfare (which you can add into the mix for even more variety as it still provides progression in there toward the Battle Pass).

Call of Duty is a platform unto itself now. Zombies, twin stick shooter, Activision Atari 2600 games… there’s a lot of stuff in there.

@vyshka I ask about the Activision AND Blizzard account because I did find someone who said that fixed the problem for them. Weird, but worth checking…

Just looked at it is showing the Activision account in the account settings, and is installed through my account. That would be funny if it was something like that though.

For giggles I stuck my 1070 back in the system, and it crashed with that as well.

Maybe it will work when I upgrade,

Turns out it seems like it might be fixed by doing a clean wipe of the system. Have a new system arriving in a few weeks, so was cleaning this up to prepare it for one of the kids, and did a windows 10 reset on it. Made it through the shader compile and 1st campaign mission without any issue. We’ll see how it goes over the next few days.

So almost 2 weeks later, and I still haven’t run into any issues since the factory reset of windows 10.

Nice! I’m glad it’s working for you again!

I guess I should’ve tried a windows reset back when it first happened in Modern Warfare.

I’ve been spending time playing solo outbreak. I like how they seem to use the loot mechanics from Warzone in the zombie mode.