Blimey! It's tea-time in Company of Heroes 2!

Title Blimey! It's tea-time in Company of Heroes 2!
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When July 9, 2015

The British are coming to Company of Heroes 2. Sega and Relic Games announced the latest standalone expansion, Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces..

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Two questions:
1. Is "The British Forces" really the best they could do for a name?
2. Are the Russians in Company of Heroes 2 considered to be the "Red Army Faction?"

1. Yes. Yes it is.
2. They are godless communists, soldier.

Relic's been working on Company of Heroes 2 updates since 2013. It's time to announce your next project, Relic!

Do the Scots fight with bows and claymores?

Man, I have so many (and by many I mean hundreds of hours) memories of 2v2 and 3v3 COH in the Ubisoft offices, it tingles to get back into it via COH2.

Have most of what they released but never got the time to actually play :(

So this is some subversive endorsement of '70s terrorism?

I tried CoH2 during a free weekend and it was amazing how much worse it was than CoH while improving on NOTHING. The menu interface and unlocking scheme were such a mess than swore the thing was connected to Uplay.