Blizzard Patches No-CD Support Into Warcraft III

Can I mod the parent down? This is in the wrong forum and it’s a dupe.

It’s out of control!

I imagine this is a P&R topic because it’s proof that copyright is irrelevant to the publishers of good games, people will pay anyway.

I wonder if cliffski has any thoughts on that topic.

Nice job, stroker.

I wonder if you do.

That and because it is a religion to some.

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Now, to add it for Diablo 2.

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I just found out I lost my D2:LOD key, so if anybody is not using his feel free to PM me yours.

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there are already enough bots for Diablo 2

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We’d better nuke it from orbit. Just to be sure.

You think that modding in a no-CD patch for, what, an 8 year old game:

A) Is a forward thinking, “We don’t need no stinking protection because the customers really like our products” statement?

B) Is in any way related to copyright?


You took me waaaaaaay too seriously for a throwaway thread ;-)