Blood on the Clocktower Game 2 (complete)

You really tripped me off by declaring as the fortune teller so early and willingly!

It was good that the focus shifted to the jostly/Rowe conundrum

For certain non-evil values of good. I really thought Perky had given evil a gift there.

Also, it shows the evil coordination problem. Perky was poisoned and murdered on the same night. If not for Scott using his monk powers, Perky would have gone the way of Rasputin.

Yeah. So about those bad (as it turned out at least) choices…

I made my bluff as investigator with the idea to use the early suspicion on Craig and rowe, because of all the whispering. Just my luck that I didn’t wait literally one more minute to find out that Craig was the virgin.

Then at night I thought “let’s pretend there’s no spy, so I’ll pick the obvious target even though I am pretty sure scott is protecting him and matt is poisoning him, so either way it’s a wasted kill”.

Those are two things I wish I had done differently. :)

Ironically, that played also against you guys, since why should Perky be killed if there was a poisoner? Thus implicating jostly further (the answer is, obviously, jostly wasn’t sure there was a poisoner)

Wait, you knew who everybody was??!!!

Yes, I got the brief from Kane in our only conversation.

An unlikely double hit job was the only think that made me think the prediction might not be wrong.
I don’t know, presenting a target for evil seems it works… just probably not the FT. On the other hand, unless the player is lucky, it would take a rally long time for the FT to have enough meaningful information, by which time he’s probably suspect by being too reserved. And what does evil do? Kill him and risk validating him? Poison him and let, say, an undertaker do his thing?
I took the risk because everyone else wanted to keep things to themselves, and Good needs conversations. Even if they go in the (mostly) completely wrong direction, apparently.

I noticed that no one else noticed that conversation. It was slipped in beautifully amongst a bunch of other hubbub.

Sorry about not clueing you in. I didn’t want to risk anyone noticing the comms pattern and exposing all three if one was exposed. I realise it would be easier to be a poisoner if you knew who to poison.

No worries. I did the same thing last game; kept one minion isolated. I didn’t really have an option that made sense except for Perky in night 2. Sorry I voted to execute you. When Kane voted against, I realized we were probably done for.

That’s the second time in two games you vote to execute the Imp as a minion!

Oh, I noticed it. I was just determined not to make early assumptions about the meaning of conversations, so letting that ride until I had a better idea about whether Kane was really the Undertaker.

Okay, I’ll work on spooling up a new thread for game 3

And, here we go. The wonders of copy/paste technology.

I nominate @Matt_W. I don’t need to wait for roles.

sad head shake

I destined to be both evil and incompetent :P

To be fair we still managed to pull one off.

It’s weird that this is marked as complete but the ceremony to award me the ultimate detective play of the game for my super insightful nomination of Craig hasn’t happened yet…

Also Craig is a Virgin tee hee. /childish