Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

The well is optional, but if you do go down again you could make things a little easier by taking some shaman bone blades with you.

Here’s something I don’t know: do poison resist runes and armor affect the rate at which you get poisoned or take damage from poison when standing in poisoned “water”? Or do either or both only affect attacks from enemies and not the environment? Asking for a friend who may or may not be planning a trip back to the Nightmare Frontier.

It works on the environment, but it just increases the size of the resistance bar; the damage will be the same once it fills.

Yeah, just tore back through there with the Harrowed set on and a bunch of antidotes. It turns out I was pretty close to the end when I got Lantern’d last time.

Only thing left is to put down the Orphan. Almost did it, but got greedy and had already used my 27(!) vials. Will try again later.

Edit: Kind of running out of steam after ~45 hours. I’ll finish Orphan, no doubt, and then do a victory lap with MP, but I don’t think I have it in me to delve the Chalice Dungeons. I’ve loved this game, but I’m about ready to set it aside.

Damn. Orphan…is hard.

Holy shit.

I’ve been using LHB most of the game, almost entirely two-handed. When I first hit the Orphan, I thought, oh my god this guy’s fast, so I switched to 1-handed, but that didn’t seem fast enough, so I read a bit of others’ experiences and ended up buying and tricking out Blade of Mercy. Cool weapon, but after maybe a dozen tries I realized the range was not enough for me, so back to 1h LHB. Several tries later I think, you know what I’m just gonna try 2-handing it. Beat him then and there, although it was still quite pulse-pounding. After that the MP was trivial, so much so that it has to be intentional.

What a great game.

P.S. the credits music would be right at home on the Bram Stoker’s Dracula soundtrack, and I love it.

P.P.S. 47:07:17, lvl 152(?! xD)


Reading your posts is killing me, in a good way, because I want to get back to this so bad, but I haven’t been able to sync up with my co-op partner.

Hoping to get back to it this weekend before DS3 starts taking up all my time.

I’ll bet co-op with this game is amazing. Wish I could try it, but I don’t really have any other reason to pony up for PS+, and wouldn’t have a steady partner anyway even if I did. Sucks pretty bad that consoles have gated multiplayer behind a paywall. I’m a little sad that it’s over…maybe I’ll end up delving those chalice dungeons after all.

In retrospect, as frustrating as I found Logarius at the time, I prefer him to bosses like Laurence and Ebrietas. Dark Souls 2 got a lot of shit for a bunch of “human” bosses, but the huge, aggressive guys in this game just underscore very starkly how inadequate 3rd-person cameras still are in games, so maybe I would appreciate DS2’s boss palette. Demon’s Souls probably still gets this the most right. I wonder if my victory against Orphan was just due to triggering a particularly good round of RNG. Reading up on him I see that he has a bunch of “moods” he seemingly randomly cycles through which determines how much animation cancelling and other fun stuff he does. Anyway, I’ll take the W and go.

I wore “stylish” stuff most of the game, relying on the Yarnham hunter hat, Gascoigne’s garb, Executioner gauntlets and Hunter trousers and finishing up, more or less, with the Yamamura hat, Hunter’s garb, Maria’s gauntlets and Old Hunter trousers, but at the very end I went with the Harrowed hat and trousers, constable gloves and Beast Hide garb for the phys protection, and honestly that outfit matched my feeling of raggedness at the end of it, so it was appropriate.

Looking forward to Sekiro, someday.

Co-op is pretty fantastic, with some caveats.

It’s fun as hell to engage the insanity of Bloodborne with a pal, no question, but the way they do co-op is a little annoying. You have to play each area, collect all the loot, and defeat each boss twice, which late in game can turn play sessions into quite the slog.

It also tempers the mood a bit. The dark foreboding and frightful discovery is slightly pared down because you have a buddy there with you. You’re not totally immersed.

I also feel more pressure to be good, and if I die on a boss I feel the added disappointment of letting my pal down.

We’re near the end so we’ll finish it together, but I’m already looking forward to a solo paly through where I dig into lore and exploration a bit more.

Oh, that’s weird and kind of a letdown.

Good luck with the lore. I have read a lot, too much, really, and I find it more internally consistent and satisfying than the Dark Souls lore, but not nearly so much as Demon’s Souls, although it is quite a bit more convoluted. It’s odd because the DLC provides (or rather could provide) a very nice and thematic explanation for where it all started, but they’d kind of painted themselves into a corner already by saying the church had found a healing medium in the labyrinth, which in retrospect comes a little bit out of left field and doesn’t make the most sense. I think lore-wise they were actually hampered somewhat by the inclusion of the chalice dungeons, which seem like an odd, tacked on mechanic that they didn’t necessarily have to justify in-game, but they sort of tried to and sort of didn’t.

EDIT: In retrospect…coolest fight: Mergo’s Wet Nurse. The visual effects in that fight were miles better than anything else in the game, none of which were bad! Truly cinematic.

EDIT 2: Hardest bosses: Orphan, Laurence, Gehrman, Ebrietas, Logarius, in descending order. I didn’t actually have much trouble with Ludwig or really anyone else, although I had to repeat most fights. Fights I did in one go…I think One Reborn, Living Failures, Amygdala, Darkbeast Paarl, maaaaaybe the Wet Nurse? I can’t remember, now. It’s all a big Orphan-shaped blur.

EDIT 3: Coolest area? Hmm, that’s a tough one. I actually wish they’d done more to differentiate environments from each other. Nothing ever really seemed that far removed from the initial “gothic London” vibe of Central Yarnham, and the Nightmare Frontier and Forbidden Woods were just a little boring. Maybe…Hemwick Charnel Lane? I think that was the gothic-est.

Sekiro is the game i’m going to replay first.

I log in once every couple weeks to keep my skills sharp, because I do NOT want to lose my edge.

Those skills were hard-earned.

I really do think this game has helped me with DS3, even just a couple hours into that as I am. Shield? I heard once they were nice, but not if they engender passivity.

Ha! I thought the same thing when I fired up DS3, and then I got my face owned.

I’m using it way less than I used it in DS1/2, but I find the lack of mobility, as well as the lack of rally, has forced me into using it at least some of the time.

In BB you can really zip around. In DS3 I feel way less nimble.

Yes, everything in DS3 feels like a “fatroll” to me compared to Bloodborne. Like I’m playing BB while wrapped in cotton candy. Still, I’ve only resorted to the shield against knights so I can try (badly) for parries.

Circling back around to lore, I love the feel of BB quite a bit, but it also feels like they wanted to include a lot more than they should have, ideas-wise, and it makes kind of a mess in the end. Like, the whole thing with the Vilebloods and the Child of Blood? What was that? I’ve delved into it a little bit, and it honestly seems like something they wanted to do more with, but in the end decided not to but left it in anyway, so it’s this big, flapping loose end.

EDIT: This is fun:

Man, I don’t want to make you anxious, but I don’t think co-op is the way I’d go through this game for the first time. I hope it works for you.

Haha, this from the same guy is also quite fun:

Yea, it’s not ideal. My comments before about paring down the intensity were not meant to come accross as positive.

I’d much rather be solo, but at this point it is what it is.

Made my way to Cainhurst Castle last night while I wait for my buddy. For some reason, the game doesn’t appear to let you head into the poison cavern and up into Isoefka’s clinic co-op. So I did all the pre-requisites myself.

I haven’t set foot in the castle yet, but hoooooooooly shit, it looks amazing.

How does it stop you?

If you’re in the forbidden woods area with a partner, it puts up a fog wall by the entrance to the poison cave.