Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

MH coop is wayyy more spammy IMHO. Every time I played it I felt like I was in a blender, with a million colorful effects going on while a dinosaur roared somewhere within. I was with randos, so YMMV with buddies.

The specific gesture is also acquired in the easily missed and totally optional Higher Cathedral which in turn requires a key acquired in a out of the way and hard to get to area of the Unseen Village.

As an area I found the Higher Cathedral the most…terrifying?

I always hear Maria this, Maria that… it already sounds threatening. I thought I was almost at the end with the reborn fight. But it looks like there is more… By judging the Christopher Odd playlist, I am maybe 2/3s in the game.

Also, the chalice dungeons. I always toss some coins at junctions, so that I know how to get back.

I just figured out how to run past them. My first visit to Cainhurst I was probably not ready. I had to come back later to kill the boss. The boss run is a fun one. :)

I’ve deflected off this game about a million times, but decided to give it another go this week as I’m a sad panda that I can’t play Demon Souls. And so far I’m really liking it and I think a lot of that has to do with my playstyle has changed over the years. Even with dark souls I tend to favor rolling thief type players instead of the sword and board that I always did when I first went through the series.

So far I’ve gotten to the second area and really haven’t had too much trouble. I think the biggest issue I had when I played this many years ago was that I didn’t understand how to use the guns properly. It really is satisfying to perfectly time that and then stab the crap out of people. Also I stopped trying to use the cane/whip weapon and using the kirkhammer instead. Timing a one shot smash with the hammer is super fun. :)

I’ll probably go back and play Dark Souls 3 as well as I still have never beaten it. The only one in the series I haven’t finished.

Martyr Logarius down, I used a summon after I died. The boss run even with shortcut was way too long. Also I did not want to waste blood vials. So the reward was a new covenant? Got it. Cainhurst really needs to be compared to Painted World in Dark Souls (or DS3 for that matter). I really wished, they made it unescapable as in DS1. And it felt smaller than DS1. Original painted world had 3 bosses, loved it.

Then I went to Newborn One, but got distracted and found the Darkpearl beast. I summoned just before NPC Antal (?) and could finish the beast on my 1st try. No special reward. A rune (?).

Then exploring everything before the newborn one. I fought the boss once, and got fireballed. I did not find the stairs at the end of the area, someone described it as the Tower Knight fight in Demons Souls. I didn’t make the connection, I used Antal again and it was kind of anti-climactic. I stayed behind the boss and hit his tail all the time, and Antal suffered in front. Boss went down easy. Then I discoverd the stairs up.

The memorable boss fights are always the fights you do alone. But at the moment, I don’t feel like spending too much time on a boss.

Actually just the one and you didn’t have to fight her. But there are so many items worth gathering in the original painted world it is worth exploring everything. The DS3 painted world had 2 1/2 bosses, can’t really call the NPC a boss though he can be bad ass.

I counted the invisible boss, the phalanx and that undead dragon.

btw. return to Bloodborne. Before fighting the reborn boss, I got invaded by some guy. And he was spamming something that looked like the red ghost faces from Logarius. How did he do that? Or was it an NPC invader? I thought there was no magic/miracles to use… ???

There is magic IIRC in Bloodborne, but I have never used it. I do think that was an NPC but I am not sure.

The Phalanx and undead Dragon are hardly boss material. The NPC with the fire spells is harder than both of those combined.’s+Gloves

very cool!

Beat the game + DLC but I am missing like 10+ trophies - a big chunk of what I beat on the Playstation 4 didn’t register for some reason. Normally I don’t care about trophies but I did for this game.

Funny how all bosses people complain about I took 2 tries (vicar, marie, kos, etc) and all the ones they breeze through I took 6,7,8+ attempts.

The hardest fight though by far was the dual shark troll thingies. I died countless times before I was finally able to claim my end game weapon - which at the time I didn’t know was going to take over for the blades of mercy on my build.

ugh, I reached Nigthmare of mensis. Rough start. Skip all the enemies until you open the building, then go slowly back and kill the rock throwing giants one by one.

Why has it to be spiders. I hate you Fromsoft! I don’t know if I want to progress. Usually when spiders are in a game, I watch YT videos and see what’s coming and how long the spider area is … I really wish I could do ranged for the spiders.

Stop whining and try dashing.

I never fight the spiders, or the rock throwers, or the nightmare beasts. I run past all of them and never look back.

Oof. I died so many times on those bastards. Parry one and then get fucking bodyslammed by his buddy.

Dual shark trolls? Is this down the well in the Fishing Hamlet?

I still think Bloodbornes version of the gank squad is the hardest when you fight all three.

I could fight and defeat all the gank squads in all three Dark Souls games and Demon’s Souls just fine. Bloodborne’s fucked me up, continuously.

Part of it is Bloodborne makes hostile NPCs total damage sponges. Havel the Rock wept.

Yep, that’s the fight. No other mob in the game can wriggle around a column like they do when they dive at you, fuckers got me I don’t know how many times doing that.

Trying to remember how I handled them. They were tough. I think I just managed to kill one quick enough that other was just an enemy of one. I can kite for days. Easily dispatched.

The fight starts with just one, but once you get him to 1/3rd or so health he runs off and tag teams in the other guy. That’s when things get rough. If you can kill him I guess before he runs off, which is hard for my builds I found, then it would be much easier.

Booted back up and started a new game.

Man, this still holds up so well. After Dark Souls 3 the combat in this game felt so slick. I don’t know a game that has a more satisfying parry -> riposte than BB. And what amazing design.