Bloodborne: so a vicar and a hunter walk into a cathedral…

Title Bloodborne: so a vicar and a hunter walk into a cathedral...
Author Andrew Kneller
Posted in Game diaries
When March 31, 2015

It was fifteen hours into Bloodborne that I hit my first wall..

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I had the same exact problem, until I realized that the locket she kept close to her chest with her left hand meant her left side was weakest. That insight, plus a big flaming hammer, took her down quick!

Dammit. Why does From Software have to be so terrible with ports?

(We're STILL waiting for a Steam or Xbox Live release of Metal Wolf Chaos, guys!)

You'll be waiting a long time for a port of Bloodborne; Sony backed it and it is PS4 exclusive as a result.

Vicar Amelia was a problem for me, too. I completed Henthwick Charnel Lane first, which has an easier boss and a very nice reward in addition to rewarding you with a lot of echoes for defeating enemies.

Yeah that's all consoles and retail stores are good for these days: stifling consumer choice with exclusivity crap.

Yeah... I ended up running the witch boss with a LOT of people just to get my level up high enough. So far I haven't seen the same level of challenge.

You'll have a chance to play a remastered Dark Souls 2 but that's probably the most they'll do unless they announce DS3.

Yup... That was a big revelation. That, plus my switch to a more arcane build have made many of the following bosses a bit more trivial.

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is it just me or do all of her grind swipes have literally the worst hit boxes in the game, I've been 2 dodges to the side, and it hits me and I get fucking comboed with the fast swipes, I had her to 2 hits dead and she hit me with that then used her amazingly good tracking to prayer smash me in 1 hit, it's Bullshit and they fixed that shit for PvP at least, but fuck this op boss.

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