Bloodshot - Vin Diesel is your friendly neighborhood Blood Guy


Let’s see: Spiderman 2 + Robocop + Deadpool + Death Wish + Spawn + The Matrix + Inception + Groot… = okay I’m in.

Ok, I’m intrigued.

I just saw Vin Diesel and somehow my wallet got lighter immediately.

I don’t know, it’s could be a little obvious with the reveals early on, and it is an action movie, but I feel like watching that trailer essentially destroyed a good deal of any enjoyment I would have with at least the first 30 minutes of that movie.

I read the comics for awhile but don’t remember a whole lot other than the nanomachines angle. I do recall enjoying it though. I like Vin. I’m in. Casting Aldrich Killian in this was a mistake though. Extremis all over again.

Will watch.

The twist is actually interesting and legitimate 100% good science fiction. I may see this.

It’s kind of interesting that the bad guy in this movie was the memory crippled guy being manipulated to kill people in a different movie.

Damn, now I want to know what that movie is, but if you tell me the name I’m already spoiled.

For a moment I wasn’t sure what Telefrog was talking about either but I was overthinking it. His description is totally accurate, but because I read it in context of this thread I was thinking sci-if, and it’s not.

Oh wait, is it Guy Pearce? Because that actually sounds like a good description of Memento.

Oh cool, haven’t heard of this until today. Used to love those comics. I still have my Rai 0 (first appearance) & valiant issues. Wonder if they’re worth something now.

Skipped the trailer - gonna watch this blind.

They’re gonna be worth more if this is any good.

Yeah, that’s what I assume he was referring to.

It is that movie.


Looks like the first one already bounced up, it’s almost 100$ :)

That’s ~ the same as “Squirrel Girl” and Don Cheadle’s War Machine from the MCU.

The poster is just like the comic covers! :D