Blu-ray finally gets its killer app

Full 1080p, baby!

Oh yeah, I guess that picture at the bottom might not be work-safe.

NSFP - Not Safe For People


What’s the point of the 1080p? Wouldn’t that film have been made in such a low resolution for that not to matter, or am I just off on my technical understanding?

Yes, you have no technical understanding :)

Digital is still far from catching up with actual, real, quality film.

Salo is your killer app?

Either you’ve never seen it or you need therapy.

Well, hello Movie Club movie #2!

Or he’s making a joke.

I understand that what he’s actually excited about is the progressive scan delights of 1080p, but Salo is not the film with which to celebrate, well, anything really. Except maybe the fact that it could have been much longer than it is. I guess film fans who enjoy watching people raped and sodomized and forced to eat cooked human shit and broken glass might be able to wring some joy from that suppurating, bile squirting little piece of unsentimental cinema.

There are some for whom the morality of torture porn gets elbowed aside by making a really fucking obvious point about the things that the fascists did to Italy during WWII. But these are the same people that believe ‘nuance’ is a French word for ‘faggot’, and that higher education is somehow un-masculine.

I came in expecting a LOTR bluray announcement, left with a chuckle…when the hell is LOTR comingout!

Or maybe he was just making a joke.

metta seems too familiar with the film

I get the feeling he’s not a fan.

He should try reading the book.