Blue Eye Samurai - Netflix animated series

Every so often, a show comes along that makes you remember exactly why you love stories. Not just television series or animation, but the bigger, grander concept of storytelling in general, and how someone’s personal experience can inspire something greater and universal, without ever losing that individual spark.

Every part of Blue Eye Samurai clearly comes from a personal place for Green and Noizumi — and that passion speaks to just how brilliantly evocative and exciting it is. The show is much longer than typical animated television, but the sweeping scope of the story deserves that much attention. It’s not a show that takes time to gel. From the beginning, it hooked me in, and there wasn’t a second where I felt my attention waning throughout the eight episodes. Blue Eye Samurai reminded me that the best stories feel like they speak directly to you, even if they’re about places you’ve never been and experiences you’ve never had.

Has anyone checked it out yet? I think I’m finally building a critical mass of stuff I have to check out on Netflix, so I might have to subscribe again soon.

Ridiculously obvious reveal at the end of the first episode, but a great episode nonetheless. Definitely worth checking out.

I saw the first two episodes and definitely want to watch the whole thing. It’s not quite as funky as Samurai Champloo (another stylistic samurai anime series where at least one bespectacled main character required revenge), but the animation is gorgeous, the characters are appealing, some of the jokes made me laugh out loud and some of the fight choreography made me go “oooh!”

I tore through this and highly, highly recommend it to all. Adults that is, this is one gory anime, entrails are a constant presence. The sex scenes are also very well done and never gratuitous - they’re there to show that women had their own way to exercise power, even though they were property.

I loved the time period, the characters all had arcs and progression, and of course the animation. Best thing I’ve seen since Arcane. The episode with the puppet show was both breathtaking and heartbreaking.

It hasn’t been confirmed for a season 2 yet, but it’s very much a complete story in and of itself, so don’t wait. Watch it!

It’s a great story and animation, but I just had to accept that like any historical fiction, it’s actually about our own current time, not the actual 17th century, in particular around the view of race relations and imperialism…

But episodes 5 and 6, in their own way, were both just amazing highlights, and it’s fun to finally hear Kenneth Branagh chewing the scenery in his own accent.

Holy shit. This series was great. Maybe one of the best things I’ve watched on Netflix in a while.

While I think the best individual episodes were at the beginning of the run, I loved how the different characters evolved. No one was just a stereotype, no one ended up where they began (unless they were quickly dispatched).

I don’t know if I’d call it a complete story. From the beginning we know that our Blue Eye hero wants to kill four targets, and she hasn’t killed them all by the end of the season finale, even though that finale was spectacular. I’d hate, say, only reading Jack Vance’s first few Demon Princes books or only watching Kill Bill Part One, and never seeing the end to the revenge stories. It is a cool season though! I wonder if Fowler’s magic word – “London” – might result in Mizu being present and probably responsible at another city’s Great Fire in a hypothetical Season 2. I hope to find out!

I finished watching BES this week. An amazing show from start to finish. Great story and stunning art.

I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have preferred it to end with the killing of Fowler and Mizu realising that there’s more to life than revenge, but we might get another season like this so I’ll take it.

Wow. first episode was pretty damn good!

My son and I binge-watched this over the Thanksgiving holiday break - it’s so good, from start to finish.