Blues News down?

Every now and then one of the mainline gaming sites vanishes… for me. At times like that I turn to you all to (dis)confirm my personal reality.

Is returning “The connection was refused” for anyone else?


I couldn’t connect to Blue’s either.

Yes, welcome to the internet.

Does not load :/

All better. Nothing to see here, move along.

It’s back up!

And yesterday was its 24 year anniversary :)

Yay Blues.

And today is the 25th anniversary :) Amazing. They’re almost exactly the age of my own PC habit. I sent them some dolares.

I still read Blue’s daily. Last of the great 90s aggregators.

Shugashack is still around also.

Yep me too!

They just celebrated their 25th in April. Although they were probably still Scary’s Cornholio at the time.

C’mon now, it’s spelled “sCary”.

Still my go-to for aggregate news too!

Good memories… I have not visited that site for a long time. Went it and see that they are still retaining the same old format, which, is refreshing! I will add them to my RSS feed instead.

This site, and Avault, was one of my favourite hangouts!