Board game missing parts

I’m a fan of Cosmic Encounter and was thrilled when I found a sealed copy of the Avalon Hill one in my friends comic shop in Birmingham. I picked it up and when we got back to Cincinnati, I opened it up. I’m missing one of the big damned board pieces. The green one that fits on the outside of the centerpiece. Well, lucky me, Cosmic Encounter isn’t made any more. Anyone have an in or know where to get board pieces for the old AH games? I’ve been looking and have had no luck so far.

A part like that, I have no idea. I’d say google for it- look for a “Cosmic encounter parts shop”- lots of games from the old days have online communities to support them, provide missing parts, new fan-made expansions, etc.

Or you could try calling Hasbro- you did buy the Hasbro/Avalon hill edition, right? They might have an extra parts box still around- the game isn’t that old.

I have googled it and not found much so far. There’s one place that says they have them, when you try to buy it they’re sold out.

I can try Hasbro, but I know Wizards bought AH.

Hasbro owns Wizards of the Coast, and so owns AH too.

well shit

You might try emailing to see if they have some board pieces or know where to look.

You can also try . Really nice guys there that have been buying and selling games for many years, and are very helpful. Email them to see what they say.

There’s another place that deals in used games and game parts…they’re always at GenCon. Crazy Igor’s or something like that. I’ll look them up and post if I find the info…

I would strongly reccomend asking at

Board Game Geek definitely the way to go

If you have any friends with a copy, take their peice and have it copied. Nothing on any board game is hard to fab, especially with an original to mold and cast.

I found when I was thinking about putting together a 6-player version, but I never got around to it so I can’t vouch for them.

I have no first hand experiences, but I’ve heard that board game publishers are usually very good at replacing missing parts (even for recently out-of-print games). So I think you should just try emailing Hasbro and see what they say.

I tried them but they list parts out of stock once you actually try to buy them

You should ask these people, hardcore board gamers whose group is named after CE. I’m sure that if there’s a source of parts, they know about it.

Hasbro sent me to Wizards who replied with this:

Trying that and then I’ll try the one you suggested JMJ

The Seattle Cosmic peeps might know, but it’s doubtful. I used to game with them- pretty nice group of people, but they don’t really play CE too much anymore, and they’re into the older versions/homemede expansions than the Hasbro game.

OK, found Crazy Egor’s, the place I mentioned before. He sells lots of out of print stuff, and likely has some odds and ends from older games lying about. Contact him and ask about your piece, he may have it or know where to find it.

Currently he’s running an Ebay store as his only web presence.