Board gaming 2021: minis are back, baby!

The whole delivery thing by Ikea probably means I’m buying new. :)

Absolutely. Many of the expansions have been unavailable for a year or more and are in extremely high demand. They’ll be reprinted at some point, but the company is currently focused on getting stuff from the latest Kickstarter pushed out the door. You might want to browse through the Facebook group called “Kingdom Death Night Market” to get an idea of what things are worth.

Kallax is awesome. It’s very sturdy and perfect for boardgames which aren’t giant Kickstarters. We like them so much we have moved on from using them only for boardgames to other things in the house (my daughter has a 4x4 and a 4x2 in her room used as school bookshelves, manga and funko pop figures display, tabletop RPG library and various drawers, …)…

Like most boardgamers, I think you will be pleased with yours, as long as you don’t only buy oversized monster boxes.

oh man, you are killing my dream.

I have a set of Ivar shelves that has moved with me twice and been broken down and reassembled at least 3 other times. Still don’t know why anyone would want to limit themselves to kallax’s box dimensions when you can customize the Ivar set to the exact size you want.

Besides, Kallax is just some town. Ivar was a son of Ragnar! Also, the corner shelves are pretty nice.

Kallax work really well as basic shelving. We have a couple for my daughter. One is used as a bookshelf. The second happens to be the exact right width to shove in her bedroom closet. We bought the cloth covered inserts that fit the Kallax and they act as inexpensive drawers.

If you want to go a little fancier looking, they also have hard inserts that provide doors and actual drawers. We did that for my mom’s condo and it looks good.

We have a pair of Kallax shelves we use as toy storage. The board games sit on top though ;)

But, yeah, they work well for storage so you should be good.

I got some shelves at Target as we have no local IKEA. They look similar, seem sturdy enough to me and were far less expensive. SO they have been perfectly functional for me…but I wood like that sweet, sweet Kallax goodness now that my collection has far outgrown that initial set of shelves to about 150 titles.

Walmart Kallax replica’s here. Work great, free shipping, and occasionally they’re on sale.

If the pun was intended, note that the Kallax is made of particle board and paper. Surprised there is something far less expensive!

(Not that the materials would be a problem for board games, which are relatively low density items.)

Ha, no. Fingers going faster than brain. I’m far less clever than that.

Terraforming Mars BIG BOX arrived today. Color me surprised!

Silly question, I know, but what is the most expensive board game?

If we look at core game, maybe K:DM (Kingdom: Death Monsters).
But what, if you go all in? Is it still K:DM or something else? Asking for a friend, who wants to complete his collection.

Also, if you count a Crocinole board, then you could also count Billiard or Snooker as a board game, and the tables go into the thousands. So, no Crocinole or Snooker tables. Also, some golden chess boards with pieces do not count.

Maybe some out of print Warhammer game? For a long time I thought the Gloomhaven big box was expensive, boy, little did I know.

advanced squad leader

well there was the game that used real jewels for pieces that was like 50k
I have a jewelry box game that was 100 when I purchased it and that was back when games were 25 dollars (man that makes me sound old), it wasn’t that long ago.

I mean, depends on what “all in” means. I imagine it would be getting all models for all factions in WH40k.

Unless you get into OOP prices or some crazy cost gimmick, I think it is fairly safe to say a full collection of KDM is the top of the heap currently. That said, it essentially started and has remained functionally OOP along with being a modelers dream as a crazy cost gimmick.

I am thinking Shadows of Brimstone has to be really high up there as well. As soon as I start adding it up in my head (by looking at my shelves) some sort of financial denial kicks in.

Still, KS games are becoming the norm. The the normal KS game is brazenly costing more and more in the last year or so. “Deluxify” and “FOMO” are accepted drivers as is ever increasing shipping costs and taxes. A few years ago a $100 KS game was some crazy all in coup de grace of a gaming collection. Nowadays, that often doesn’t get you the basic pledge. Games are commonly jumping up to and right over the $300 mark without even blinking.

@Infested_terran Oh, I agree. If tabletop war games are included they will win easily. Besides being a different entertainment type, the theoretical advantage of a board game is that it is a self contained playing pool for all players whereas a tabletop wargame is the physical version of Games As A Service designed to get players to keep buying more for their armies which are an incomplete game alone.

Some of the Living Card Games require quite an investment to get the full set.

Not sure if it’s KD:M scale yet, but isn’t Cthulhu Wars also kind of notorious in this regard?

I don’t think this has actually changed that much except KS has gotten more popular overall. You could pledge $2000 for Myth back in early 2013. Even a more reasonable gameplay all-in pledge was well over $200. And it’s far from alone. Meanwhile, $50 will get you a very generous chunk of Sentinels content (close to core + an expansion from the original printing) on the Definitive Edition KS still funding today.