Boardgaming 2021: minis are back, baby!

I’m in! I can usually make time most evenings and weekends if I know we’re playing. (Saturdays for the next few months I’m out until 1 or 2 pm ET, but after that is fine.)

I’d be tempted.

I honestly don’t even know what’s coming! Long ago, I went all-in with a group buy, and I’ve been told there’s more Tainted Grail stuff arriving Monday. Since I already bought the whole big dumb misbegotten thing, I figure it’s at least worth taking a look.

Don’t think I won’t do it! I’ve got a settlement hanging fire, waiting for me to build another plastic monster!


Should be:

  1. two full length campaigns, one set when Arthur et al first came to Avalon, or thereabouts, and one set hundreds of years after the Fall of Avalon campaign. Not sure what if any mechanical changes they make but you need the main box to run them and there’s not a big new rulebook so I’m guessing not much. New story, new exploration, new characters. (Although apparently you need to keep warm in the future one, because one of the characters has a power about that.)
  2. a half-length “expert” campaign about going back to the plague-ridden land folks were escaping in the first place, following on from any of the three big campaigns.
  3. an expansion which adds character-specific achievements that reward one-time actions and, if you manage all of them, a second character power. They’re also associated with backstory drops for the character.
  4. a pack mule companion.

There’s also a second box of minis and some replacement cards to have more encounters be “guardians” so the minis actually get used (sort of). But you had to specifically add that on later, so it probably isn’t something you would have bothered with. I know I didn’t.

And yeah, I suppose might as well poke at it. Do let us know if your opinion changes. They did supposedly take feedback about the first campaign into account while working on the other ones, for what that’s worth.

Hmm…I got all that stuff together.

yeah, that’s wave 2. If you ordered single wave, you’d also have gotten the core box and the first mini box in the same package, but Tom’s already played it so I assume he went split shipping like I did.

If ya’ll are interested, I’m pretty sure we’re all friends on Steam, so I’d be up for “get ready” session and start planning out a weekly or as often as you want time frame. I have basically the same availability as Triggercut.

There’s a couple different PFACG 2e mods floating around, also a general scripted mod that I think supports 2E - have you used them to know which we should play with?

An upcoming KS should live up to the comparison even more:

Well, it’ll be officially licensed, anyway. Licensed adaptations don’t necessarily do the thing people want from that property as well as the unofficial ones. Like, I strongly suspect I’d get a better Dishonored experience out of Blades in the Dark, inspired by Dishonored (among other things) than the official Modiphius RPG, though one might well get those sourcebooks for setting material.

If there isn’t the possibility of you getting one-shotted while stunned by a roar, they aren’t capturing the game’s spirit.

Quite possibly. Though it seems like the systems and seeing are pretty cool in the official RPG too:

Looking at that Dicebreaker article, my feeling is that I am confident Primal is interesting enough to own, and that the official Monster Hunter game is doing some similar things (weapon class-based hunters, card decks, a sequence of cards you play on your turn, etc) but seems to have some different emphases (more weapons, less monsters, for example) and is probably going to be enough different that if I like what I see in actual playthrough videos I might back that also. And then I’ll have four different kill big bosses to make hats out of their innards games. >.>

But there is definitely not enough info for me to decide to skip Primal just in case I prefer the MH one. And honestly, I’m not a MonHun player and that’s not specifically what I’m looking for. If anything, I’m looking for the cool bits of KD:M without the stuff that had me bail on it.

This is the one I use:

Yeah, that MonHun board game looks like it’s going to be terrible. I’ll check out the playthroughs when they’re up but those maps have me concerned. Actual concerned, though, not just Susan Collins concerned. Plus it’s from the Dark Souls board game people? Super pass.

Wow, look at all you miniature babies getting Tainted Grail. Have fun with your overproduced landfill. Meanwhile it’s getting crazy in here. Let’s do some Friday night crop rotation, awwww yeah.

jk plz can I come over and play grails.

This should be the tagline for Board gaming 2021.

What is that? What game is that? I want to play it. I love crops and cropping. I would love to rotate crops. Does that game have solitaire or do I have to wait until after covid?


Hallertau maybe?

Oh, that’s where I know that name from. Yeah, I watched people play that and it looks pretty terrible. So, definitely not expecting much from Official MH Boardgame then.

It’s Hallertau! The new Rosenberg joint. The box says it’s “expert level” so I hope you’re an expert.

It does have solitaire so you can get your crop on right away.

Rosenberg and crops and expert level? Those are all my middle name!

…gah, it’s not out yet. How do you have a copy of the new Uwe Rosenberg game if it’s not out yet? You’re cheating or something. No fair.