Boardgaming in 2019!

I chalk it up to inexperience. As a company they’ve produced: Valley of the Dead King + expansion in one run, and Forests of Adrimon + expansion + VotDK reprint in a second. That’s it. So, is it a frustrating omission, sure. But compared to other creators of their level of experience I think they’re doing pretty well. And honestly better than some longstanding operations, even if that’s more of a knock against the latter than an accolade for the former.

Versus film maker Fritz

Indeed. But since this was their second game, I would expect they had gotten some feedback on this from the first game. It is no big deal, though, and a lot of games from experienced companies are also not that good at reference sheets.

I wonder if the Headless Hollow-site is still active and making reference sheets for games. Too the google-machine!

Have you tried Clockwork Wars? So, so good. And first timers always ask to play it again. I know you trust this guy:

Anyone have tips for selling board games you no longer want? Gloomhaven just isn’t for me and Scythe digital has convinced me I don’t need physical Scythe. Or does anyone want an already organized (used this method: Gloomhaven for $75?

I would venture to guess that you could easily find a buyer at that price on BGG. Just make that $75 plus shipping, since shipping will be a bear.

I sold my copy for $100 cash on Craigslist to a local buyer

BGG Marketplace is great for buyers because the price competition is transparent. If you put a decent price on it, it will sell. Make sure you price the shipping at the UPS store or post office first. I have burned myself a couple of times by underestimating shipping. One time it was to Hong Kong.

Another option is to list it on eBay with a “Buy It Now” button. eBay’s transient auctions tend to obscure price a bit more, plus it gets a ton more traffic, so the prices are generally inflated. Better for sellers, though? I guess it depends on how long it takes to sell.

I would love to see some people here chime in on a general boardgame tasting menu. Like, if I wanted to play an area control game, then I should look at one of these three games. But then I’m afraid the discussion would start defining itself down into narrower and narrower categories. Area control? Sure. But do you mean solely area control? Area control with or without combat? Area control under 90 minutes? You could endlessly refine categories until you basically had one game in each one.

I did end up getting to play Hexplore It: Valley of the Dead King at gaming tonight, four player with accompanying dog.

(this adorable sheltie:

I was a Vengeful Gnome Oracle, and we also had a Gluttonous Automaton Summoner, a Leader Ork Cartographer, and a…something Angelborn Minstrel. (We used the expansion, including traits, if you couldn’t guess.) Every role was bonkers and though we didn’t have a ton of raw offensive power, our utility and defensive abilities meant we could survive to keep dishing out damage. We pretty much ticked off a couple of quests on the way up to dwarven lands and then veered off into undiscovered country, fighting a bunch of nasties in ruins along the way including a powered up (but level 1) boss for some pretty major rewards. At that point the Dead King had taken five of six cities and we decided to use the dragon staff from the black market (which we unlocked on boss #2) to zoom back to the central quadrants, rescue our fallen starting city, and then, refreshed, catch up with the Dead King himself. We killed him in three rounds of combat and didn’t even take that much damage…on Starter difficulty. Turns out characters get a lot more powerful than one might intuitively assume, so as scary as the Dead King looks to start with, he’s very doable. But, again. Difficulty matters. :)

It’s kind of amazing how little of the game you actually interact with on any given run. The timer is tight enough that you simply won’t be criscrossing the map willy nilly and checking off every boss and quest. A few of each maybe.

Would you like to consider adding some Japanese flavour IKI into your menu?

The game is everything but icky despite what its name may suggest. It looks super gorgeous and boast an elegant Euro gameplay that may appeal to both beginners and experience gamers alike.

Oh, does anyone own and played Obsession? It’s another Victorian period themed Euroish game that looks beautiful and game mechanics that are relevant to its theme. Would like to hear some feedback before the KS reprint launches this September.

I’ve been tempted to pick this up… I nearly picked up a legacy season 1 chest last month until I read about the re-mastering… So I’d be going in to this completely blind, having never played any Dice Throne games to date.

What I think I’ll do is just go in for the Treant vs Ninja Champion Battle Box for now… and then maybe get a Season 2 box to try it out… and if I love it… Add on the Adventures in the Kickstarter!!!

Good plan?
(man I wish some of my friends already had this game for me to try out.)

Dice Throne games are the definition of “Beer and Pretzels” fun times for me. If that’s what you’re going in for and you like dice (lots of dice!) I definitely recommend.

My brother was displeased when I rolled five sixes, but luck is just one of my many skills. Few skills. Only?

For those of us who must absolutely spend hundreds on fully decked Kickstarters or who are driven by FOMO, this is worth pondering:

The format is Rodney introducing the topic in one video (the one linked above) and then continuing the discussion based on feedback received in the comments.

He did it recently for paid previews, and the feedback was interesting, with Scott (from my original favourite boardgame channel back in the early days of YouTube: boardgames with Scott) chiming in.

I find those more introspective topics interesting.

Whelp, I backed Etherfields this morning when I woke up. I wanted to be in the 24-hour period, and I figure is my birthday in 2 weeks, and I can always cancel when SG hits if I need to. But then I see this campaign is only on for 3 weeks, so I doubt there’ll be overlap.

They sent out an update shortly after that details advancement and whatnot, and that definitely makes it seem more interesting, gameplay-wise.

I’ve enjoyed his videos in the past, especially for any games I am confused about. I probably have around 60 games, and most acquired within… the last 6 years. I slowed down quite a bit when i started examining what i am most likely able to play… which means most 2-4 player games are just … out, which eliminates a lot. I avoid must hugely heavy miniature games or at least on i study them a bit before I try, and really long combative games. I also won’t let myself have more than 2-3 KS at a time anymore.

The gamer and collector combo is definitely a habit several people do not understand. I do not enjoy Kickstarter exclusives as an idea, but I won’t fully avoid a game due to that afterward.

Apropos of nothing, if you missed the 7th Continent Kickstarter, the left over games from the second Kickstarter are now available for purchase.

Looks like they only ship to the US :(

Edit: nevermind, the eu-site isn’t updated yet.

That’s the US version of the shop being linked. I think they’re a French company so I have to assume they have some stock available for Europe at least.