Boardgaming in 2019!

So, like Terraforming Mars then.

Come now, Terraforming Mars is safe up to at least a Force 4 (moderate breeze).

Requires >7% oxygen levels

Nice one! That will probably be the best thing I read on the internet all month.


Played two games of Pandemic: Fall of Rome tonight. We lost the first game (on hardest difficulty) on an invasion the turn before we would have won. We won the second game (also on hardest difficulty) with a good margin. I guess that is both good and bad. Most of the players had played some form of vanilla Pandemic or Legacy before.

All in all, I really enjoy the game. For me it is a straight improvement on the vanilla game.

The stuff I like:

  • For me, the theme feels stronger than the vanilla game. This is mainly due to the different tribes being asymmetrical.
  • The map feels more interesting, since the barbarians spread along paths, and fast player movement being tied to forts.
  • I like how the dice for fighting add another point of uncertainty during player turns, and also tie in well with the different character powers.

The one thing I didn’t like is probably that I am unsure on how replayable it is, due to the structured spread of the barbarians. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty in that, and maybe not as different from the vanilla intensify/spread that I am thinking right now.

We played Nemesis tonight. It was a blast. We all thought the other players had different goals than they they really did, so we all almost scored a bunch of own goals trying to prevent other players. A lot of potential back-stabbing and a few triple interrupts.

It was my second time playing it. I loved it.

I’m in the middle of my 2nd game, solo with 2 characters…really really enjoy the game!

I can just hear the movie trailer voice.

She always told not to run with scissors. Now she’ll run from them.

Can you speed up the Qt3 royalty checks? The last one took over a month to arrive.

We played raiders of the North Sea with both expansions last night. I tied for last place and still lurved it!

Yowza! That was my grade school gateway! Still remember the giants that took up three hexes. Is that a reissue?

I’m guessing at $40 in shrink with the slip-box packaging that it is 100% original OG 1980s.

Yeah, I thoughtit was older, but it’s the 2018 re-issue, so it has all the nice die-cut counters.

Nice! A buddy and I recently played the Car Wars re-issue, which made for a thirty-year gap between plays. I didn’t realize they’d done Melee, too. That would be a forty-year gap, and I’m really tempted.

My 6yo kicked may ass three times on the trot this arvo. 1:1, me vs 2 snakes then me vs bear. Think the dice they shipped with it are faulty.

This just popped up in my Google feed, and it actually looks really cool.

Big week for games:

Reminder: I’m happy to ship games if you are interested!

I know y’all have been waiting for Funkoverse.

Someone has…

Wait where is the Golden Girls edition?