Boardgaming in 2019!


Darkest Night is no Mage Knight.


New gamez:


Riverfolk actually came out a little over a week ago, I just forgot to post it here. Sorry!


Unlock has been really upping their game, Wizard of Oz was their best yet, and these look to be a very welcome continuation of that. Definitely interested.

Scherezade looks very intriguing thematically, will almost certainly get that.


2 late additions!


Oh, I actually like Darkest Night! My point is that it’s really sparse compared to the games you’re apparently expecting. You’re going to be disappointed if you’re looking for something that’s a cross between Eldritch Horror and Mage Knight.



Not if it wastes your time! My time is worth way more than $3.50/hour.


Well then buy it and don’t play it, like the rest of us!

Or just stop buying video games. Which is mostly what I’ve done. I’ve got wooden blocks and little plastic spaceships to push around. I think the last 3 years my spending on games has been something like 95% board, 5% video.


More Unlocks! We did the Oz one and really liked it. That train one in the same trio wasn’t nearly as good though. Especially the weird bit with the cutouts. I’ve lost track of which ones we’ve done now so I’ll have to go through them.


Yeah. I always considered Unlock second tier, below Exit.

But Wizard of Oz was as good as a thing Exit has made.

The Nautilus Trap still has some of the most bullshit puzzles of any of them though.


I bought a copy of Inis on Ebay after watching a couple of playthroughs. My son and I started a game, but haven’t finished. I’m kind of excited that this game contains stripped down elements of card-driven games, area control, drafting, the good parts of Gloomhaven-style card play, and competing objectives all combined together into an elegant whole with a unique presentation.


Huh. I bought a signed copy of Gorus Maximus at PAX Unplugged and had no idea it hadn’t officially launched yet.


Is anyone interested in playing any Splotter games asynchronously at Boardgamecore? They’ve got Food Chain Magnate, The Great Zimbabwe and Antiquity. I’ve only played FCM and would love to play that, but would also love to try out any of the others. I’m usually a fan of their designs. (Who isn’t?)


I just played a 3p game of Great Zimbabwe over there. I’d be down for more 3+ player games of that for sure. FCM is probably too much for me to bother learning right now. I played one 2p game of it with another person whose first time it was and won, but neither of us had any idea why or what happened.


Cool! If we can rercuit 1 or 2 more, I’ll start up a game. (And I’ll have to re-read the rules.)

FCM is really great, but it does tend to end suddenly; there’s often a sharp uptick in dinnertime income in one turn that breaks the bank.

EDIT: There are also a couple of introductory FCM variants for learning the game: no salaries, no milestones, no reserve for the first game, and add in milestones for the second game. These are both options on boardgamecore.


I’m interested! I played FCM once on Boardgamecore and remember it being hard to learn there, but want to give it another go. Also I love The Great Zimbabwe and would be totally willing to play that there.

EDIT: I’m porousnapkin over there by the way.


I’d be up for a game of Food Chain Magnate, I’ve don’t know the rules though.


Same here. Not sure what the time and software requirements are to join in. But I’d be willing to give it a go, as long as working and commuting about 11 hours a day without internet access at work is not too much of an impediment to taking turns.


No software requirements besides a web browser. You have to create an account at boardgamecore, and then we can invite you to a game. I’ll add you to our messaging group here.


Ok then. I’ll do that as soon as I’m back on my computer.


I’ve bookmarked the following video to try and get through the rules. 49’ of rules should be fun. :)