Boardgaming in 2020: the year of the, uh, post-minis era? We can only hope!

Better late than never. Brew Crafters finally made it to the table, and I’ve played four games this week (3P, 2P, 4P and 4P). I like it - it is clearly inspired by Agricola, but like Dinosaur Island it has several phases where you place workers on different boards. I’d say it is somewhere close to in between Agricola and Dinosaur Island in mechanics. It is very thematic, and it feels like you’re running a small craft brewery that wants to make unique stuff, before you start chugging out as much product as possible to pay the bills. Everything is a common supply, and all players can get all the upgrades to the brewery, but there are local partnerships and specialist workers (randomized supply) that are a common pool - so it is more “choose your strategy when you can” rather than the “make a strategy from your private randomized setup” of Agricola. Except for the asymmetrical upgrade boards. There are many different paths for specializing your brewery. So far my impression is that the game feels very scarcity driven - you can’t do everything, and you need to decide what to focus on, and which scarcity you want to mitigate with partnerships, workers or brewery upgrades.

All in all, Brew Crafters is a thematic worker placement games that I think will have a place in the rotation for the time being, but will compete with Dinosaur Island for hitting the table.

Soooo… We have a meetup tomorrow at @Lykurgos 's place. And the first game we are going to play is 5 players Clockwork Wars with the Sentience expansion.

New game for me. So I watch a 3 turn playthrough that seems to date back to a KS campaign, visit BGG and it finally hits me: the designer is @hassanlopez. :D

So, Mr Lopez, any tips for a newbie to not get destroyed by the competition?

Edit; I skimmed the sentience rules which add the new race and hybrid territories to the game. Seems easy to incorporate rules wise. We shall see how much thinkiness they add to a turn.

Looks like it’s going to be a fun game to wake up to.

Tom’s glowing review led me to pick this one up and it is still my group’s favorite dudes on a map/area control game. Thank you Hassan!

As far as tips, I always focus on villages/cities to get more guys out. I also love getting the nuke (leviathan general) because a) it is awesome and b) people tend to find someone else to attack. Another good deterrent and fun way for folks at the table to say, “oh crap,” is to take the tactical ops action which allows you to win tie battles. I take this sometime even if I don’t plan to fight since again, people won’t want to deal with it and tend to stay away from me. And if there is a tech you really want, don’t be shy about using Technophilia to steal it when you don’t go first during the Discovery stage. Finally, if you are lucky enough to get the Operative (red dudes), feel free to ruin other folks supply lines. It is so much fun and you will be hated. ALERT: do not deploy next to a citadel!

So much greatness. There are also new maps on BGG:

Anyway…awesome game. Please give a report to tell us how it goes.

Be vicious and unpredictable.

I hope you have a great time!

It’s a beautiful edition of a great game. Everyone should buy it - It does require at least 4 people, and is best with 6. It’s basically a faithful reissue of the '70s version.

I was in my FLGS the other day, and asked them how it was selling. Apparently pretty well. They had sold at least 20 copies. I imagine it will sell even better when the movie is released.

It was a popular choice at the weekly gaming club I went to at our FLGS growing up in the 80s.

Thanks for The tips @joefriendgood1 and @hassanlopez.

Vicious, unpredictable, intimidating, not afraid to steal other people’s stuff. Seems like a great time for all!

Only issue is that my favourite D&D character is a lawful good Paladin. I’m going to have to learn fast. :D

Looking forward to it.

Freaking love Clockwork Wars. I think it just might be a candidate for a top 10 underappreciated game. We played a 5 player game with @Wendelius and @Ginger_Yellow using the Sentience expansion. This adds a fifth race for which the Unique Unit (UU) is an Arachnid monstrosity that can kill any one unit in an adjacent hex during the reinforcement stage that occurs prior to any combats. I was lucky enough that @Ginger_Yellow parked this next to me early on and I wasted a few soldiers and moves being adjacent to it. Better approaches were likely to either avoid it completely or attack and kill it.

After teaching others the game and playing as Purebreeds I proceeded to finish a miserable last place VP wise. I had wonderful little gambit planned out to pick up significant last turn VPs that was undone completely by an espionage card. One opponent had placed a discovery in a central ‘Nexus’ Hex and this combination delivers 4 VPs (a lot) to the owner on scoring phases. I had picked up a Guardian special unit that prevents initiation of combat in the hex it is deployed, supporting a wonderful plan.

A. Take over the Nexus hex with the discovery
B. Deploy the Guardian to the hex
C. Profit

A and B were executed wonderfully. C failed to occur. I chose to negate an espionage card played by one opponent that would have gained him VPs and cost me none. Then I watched in horror as @Ginger_Yellow played another espionage card, which I could not longer negate, that removed all my units from the Nexus hex.

One learning from this maybe is that espionage cards can be crazy gotcha swing factors. None are singly game winning, but it feels like maybe a strategy of going heavy on them and using them at key moments might be a tense and exciting way to play. Next time!

I can’t wait to play it. My friends and family know me pretty well, but don’t necessarily coordinate with each other, and I was gifted three copies of Dune last Christmas. (Two were able to be exchanged.)

I just need to have my baby take care of himself, and to gather five friends that can also put their young kids aside for an afternoon…

It’s just a lovely feeling when someone tries to support a hobby that brings you joy. I am glad you could exchange two though!

This, sadly, is why I haven’t picked up Dune. It’s real tough getting people together for board games where I live and with my work schedule.

Anyone have thoughts on Irish Gauge? Also a odering a year ago from Coolstuff, my Lords of Hellas expansions arrived. I realize that may not excite some, but I enjoy the game and even if you don’t use all the stuff just the ability to switch out the gods and mix it up seems cool.

I had a great time at TotalCon. Played 3 games of Fury of Dracula: 2 as Dracula and 1as a player. Game one did not go well for me. The hunters supplying at night is usually god for Dracula, as he can get an event card. If I had’t shuffled the deck, I’d have thought it was rigged. I only got one card out of 11. I was forced to sea early, took too much damage, and was killed by a player.

Second game was a cake walk. My first encounter deck had a 4-point vampire. Later, I got an event card that let me place a second encounter card on the hideout that had the vampire. It had advanced just enough for it to be on slot 4 or 5, and the card let me place a second card on 4 or 5. Two turns later, that matured for an 8 point gain in one turn. Getting the remaining points was easy.

Last game we didn’t get to finish, but Dracula probably would have won.

I also picked up the Game of Thrones Board Game used for $15.

Also, I ordered the Wings expansion or Scythe. What is the best way to store this? I am just using the original box, mostly, with their storage components. It’s a rare game that mostly works like this. I don’t think the airships will fit.

It was hard to tell which Broken Token set I need. Is there a different vendor that makes a better one?

Lots of info on Frosthaven in this interview with Isaac Childres:

Think of this as an MCU movie. It takes place in the same universe as Gloomhaven. Done strands will be connected. But it is its own story.

There are new gameplay elements (crafting, changing seasons, …), but it follows the basic gameplay patterns of the original.

And be ready for a game of a similar scope to the original. Considering we are only a dozen missions into the original, this one will likely steal away our free time for a long time too…

The KS launches on the 24th of March. I’m kinda hoping it includes the option for a storage solution.

Coming May 15

So is this Betrayal at the House on the Hill: Scooby-Doo Edition?

Regarding the new Gloomhaven thing, I’m interested, but we only made it halfway through the original. So, like the Kingdom Death: Monster second KS, is feel weird about paying a bunch for more (standalone) content when there’s so much I haven’t played that I already own.

On the other hand, I just today finally took a look at the Vampire: The Masquerade: Chapters Kickstarter that has about a week left, and man, I’m tempted. It basically looks like Vampire: Gloomhaven- big, branching campaign, etc, but it also has options for other, non-combat event resolutions, including “40+ branching dialogue books (with over 200,000 words)” which just sounds wacky. I mean, sure, I still have the aforementioned Gloomhaven, KD:M (and others) to get through, and Etherfields and Sleeping Gods on the way on the next few months, but this isn’t availed to ship until summer 2021. I should have plenty of time to get through all that before then, right?

So is Fantasy Flight dead? They seemed to have collapsed into a red dwarf of nothing but collectible card and miniature games. You have to go 7 pages deep into their front page news before you can find anything about something that’s not CCG or minis. Wizards of the Games Coast Shop.

Arkham Horror 3 was thrown out half-baked but designed to be easily built on with expansions, and then they whiffed on the expansion, taking an entire year and only including TWO new scenarios before immediately going silent. Not one peep of new news for 4 months. Instead, resources were put into the only new board game they’ve put out for the last 7 months, the total dud Final Hour.

They appear to be cranking out plenty of product to me.

That they’re not cranking out product to support the games you’d like them doesn’t make them “dead” – though they have done plenty of layoffs lately.

Agreed. Their release schedule between now and April is packed.