Bomber Crew: mission 21

Title Bomber Crew: mission 21
Author Bruce Geryk
Posted in Game diaries
When December 23, 2017

Mission 21: Operation Chastise (critical mission). I’m really proud of fishpockets. He used his star-navigation skills perfectly, and got us to the target without ever having to go to low altitude. I’m also proud of RichVR..

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I was smelling this was going to end badly, with so many praises in the first paragraphe. Like those pan camera move or zoom on some little thing in an Hollywood movie, when they hope you won’t pay attention to it but will go “a-ha!” were you to watch it a second time, yet that you bust once you know their language!

It’s a shame this ends here, as I had zero idea the game was based that much on historical material, and the insights you provided made this feature as entertaining as it was educating.
Well, I didn’t mean to end my comment on such a negative note: it was pretty awesome while it lasted!

We tried our best, but even if the Germans never could kill us, the UI did. One rule I would like UI designers to follow: Don’t let me choose to do something that I would absolutely never choose to do.

Anyway, thank you. I really enjoyed this.

I hate to say this but one of the patches added a button to the pilot’s position which prevents you from accidentally moving the pilot, without confirming the move. I assume it was added to prevent exactly what happened.

Oh I didn’t know that. I jumped back into the game reading Bruce’s writing, and I once again almost face catastrophe of the similar kind, although I could get back in the sit in time, for once. I am going to lock this first thing. Strapped to his seat, the pilot should be!