Books about Songwriting?

Most of my music education is self-taught, including my songwriting. I’ve been growing more interested in process and how other artists organize their thoughts and work.

This is kind of a broad question, but I’m interested if anybody has read any worthwhile books about songwriting.

I’ve been reading Ray Coleman’s John Lennon biography Lennon. Lennon’s personal life and business is discussed in detail, but the reality of his artistic process is basically ignored. A mention of where the idea of a song came from will come up, but there is no real analysis of any of his work.

I’m not looking for a guide exactly, what would be most interesting to me would be a book by a songwriter speaking mostly about craft. I’d love to read an depth analysis of what a great songwriter does when they work.

I’d be interested in guide type books too, as long as they are not cheesy step by step guides or written for total novices.

The Manual, by The KLF